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Despite signing up for a year of a gym membership, many people still don’t want to go to the gym to get in shape because of several factors. Some may find it “gym-intimidating” or may get easily intimidated the first time they enter a gym facility or terrified to try out gym equipment. Some may also feel overwhelmed especially when they are going to do their routines alone. A personal trainer is recommended for beginners to help them execute their workouts properly. But of course, having a personal fitness coach entails much more cost. 

Luckily, with the help of fitness trainers, we are able to get some tips and workout guides that are worth trying especially for beginners. These tips will surely contribute to how you will build your confidence and how you will start your fitness journey at any gym. 

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Don’t Forget to Warm-Up

Warm-ups should never be neglected before each gym session. Before lifting those weights, or running a mile on the treadmill, make sure that you do a proper warm-up. A proper warm-up improves your performance during a workout by moving your muscles freely and properly. If you go straight to your usual routine without taking the time to complete even a simple warm-up, your body will suffer from muscle and joint pains. It may also result in serious injuries when neglected. 

Take note that every workout requires a specific warm-up. It targets muscles that will be strained and forced later on. One example is when you are set to complete a leg workout. The muscles in your legs must be properly warmed-up either by walking on the treadmill or doing a set of squats and lunges before heading onto your actual leg routine.

Maximize the Treadmill

The treadmill is considered to be the most beginner-friendly equipment for those who just started working out in a gym. Don’t get intimidated and just sweat it off by walking or even running on it. You can easily adjust your pace or speed as you get comfortable and familiar with the machine. Some spend most of their time using this equipment to improve and condition their overall cardio while others use it for warm-up before heading on to more extreme exercise. 

Aside from its easy-to-use features, the treadmill also provides a range of health benefits to its users. Every step you make on a treadmill is equivalent to strengthening your heart. It is a great cardiovascular workout that anybody can easily carry out. 

Remember this golden rule: do not compare your progress to others. If you do this by keeping on staring at the girl running on the treadmill next to you, you will get unmotivated and frustrated. Keep in your mind that you are on your journey and everyone has a different learning pace. So be patient with yourself and start focusing on achieving your fitness goal. 

Lift Some Weights

Aside from the fact that weightlifting is one of the famous exercises done at a gym, weightlifting has also a lot of benefits to your overall health. It burns body fats more efficiently than most of the exercises do, prevents heart disease, and controls blood sugar. It also improves posture and reduces the chances of osteoporosis. 

To start with lifting weights, begin by raising lighter weights first. Sudden heavy lifts may give you an injury and your muscles will be overexerted. Try increasing your repetitions instead of lifting heavy weights too quickly. For example, if you are going to target or tone your arms, you may complete ten to fifteen repetitions each arm with a beginner’s dumbbell. As you progress with your arm routine, you will notice that the previous sets are no longer putting as much impact or strain on your muscles. This is a sign that you need to upgrade to heavier weights.

Try Circuit Training

Circuit training is a type of body conditioning exercise or endurance training that uses high impact and high-intensity exercises. A fast-paced class offered to almost all gyms, circuit training usually includes rapid movements and exercises. The time between exercises is short in which you execute one exercise for thirty seconds to five minutes and then move onto another exercise. 

So how does a circuit training go? You and your fellow gym buddies usually follow the movements of the instructor. Since this is a fast-paced training, don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you find yourself skipping a set. It’s perfectly normal for a beginner. The important thing is to get your body and muscles familiarized with each movement and pace until you complete a whole session. 

So whether you are going to the gym for weight loss, building strength, muscle gains, or simply for your overall fitness, there’s no reason to be intimidated in the gym. Remember that everyone started as beginners too. So stay motivated, persevere, and focus on achieving your fitness goals. 
If you still want to know more warm-up activities before hitting the gym, check out this helpful guide.

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