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If you have never done any exercise before to help your body stay fit, here are the simple tips for beginners.

A few significant changes in your lifestyle can give you many benefits. These include simple workouts, breathing exercises, Yoga, walking, diet modifications, etc.

This article includes:

  • The benefits of workout and tips for beginners
  • Benefits of breathing exercises and Yoga 
  • Importance of walking 
  • Diet modification 


The body of human beings is designed in a way that it needs to walk, run, jump, crawl, and do a lot of physical activity. The human heart beats for about 2.5 billion times over the average lifetime. It needs all sorts of physical activity for the heart to function efficiently. Exercises are also named on their effects on the human body, for e.g., the cardio workouts these act on and effectively promote the working of the cardiovascular system. 

A famous quote by Gene Tunney reads – “Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.”

Here are the benefits of Exercise:

  • The risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases can be reduced.
  • Cholesterol and high blood pressure can be reduced.
  • Improves mobility and balance.
  • Improves physical appearance and, therefore, confidence.
  • Improves fitness. 
Workout tips for beginners

Workout tips for beginners:

  • Set a fitness goal for yourself. First, small goals that can be easily met should be chosen to keep you motivated.
  • At least 30 minutes a day, few simple exercises can help in lowering your blood pressure and the risk of cardiac problems. Your heart needs a regular walk or jogs or Exercise to stay out of the risk of developing heart problems. Exercising the right way is essential. Especially when it is causing you pain after your routine workout, you need to change your technique.
  • Please do what you enjoy, select workouts according to your interests and comfort level, as when you do something that you enjoy doing, it keeps your inner self happy, and maximizes the results. If you do workouts that are a burden to you, they will not only stress your body but your mind too.

So be smart and workout to make yourself happy and fit.

Benefits of breathing exercises:

Your breath is one of the best defenses against the stress, anxiety, frustration, and worries that you are dealing with in your day to day life. Controlled breathing or mastering the art of inhaling and exhaling will give you a relaxed and calm mind, help lower blood pressure, and act as a stress buster.

Conscious breathing is called Pranayama. Pranayama includes various breathing exercises which should be learned under the guidance of experts.

Learning this practice will not only help you control and stabilize your mind but also help you store your energy and help you utilize it in essential aspects of your life.


Importance of walking:

Walking is one of the most effective, natural, and easy ways of achieving your weight loss goal and maintains the fitness achieved through other means of Exercise. For the people who can’t do heavy workouts due to various reasons, walking is the best way to increase cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness.

Here are the few benefits of walking:

  • Reduces the risk of cardiac problems like stroke.
  • It helps in the management of long term conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, along with medication. 
  • It improves balance and muscle strength.

Some suggestions for beginners:

  • Proper walking techniques should be practiced along with a balanced diet.
  • A minimum of 30-60 minutes per day is the suggested time to achieve good results. 
  • It is suggested to take stairs instead of a lift whenever possible.
  • To stay motivated and be physically active is the best advice anyone can give for a beginner.
  • Walk while you talk, while receiving calls that last long and utilize a lot of your time walking along with them. This way, you will burn a lot of calories without realizing that you did so.


An effective and relaxing technique to workout is to practice Yoga. 

Yoga helps in stretching your muscles and keeps your body in motion. Practicing Yoga regularly helps you achieve great flexibility to your body.

It activates each and every cell of your body and hence improves the body functioning. It is great for the oxidation of blood.

Yoga practiced with dedication and regularity gives you a clean, healthy, and glowing body as well as a stable and powerful mind.

There are many kinds of yoga-like Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini, and Power yoga. For beginners, Iyengar Yoga is good to start with.

Yoga should be done under expert guidance. Consider comparing yoga studios in your area and join a group and learn Yoga from an instructor so that it keeps you motivated. There are certain types of Yoga that can benefit diabetic. 


Diet plays a major role in order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Having a healthy and balanced diet completes 80% of your journey towards health and fitness. With the rise of bodybuilding products this past couple of years, a lot has changed. You can now view product related articles like d-bal reviews and other crazy bulk products  

A healthy diet should include:

  • Fiber-rich foods
  • Whole grains
  • A good amount of protein
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • “healthy” or unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Including these components in the diet will reduce the inflammation and damage to tissues, joints, artery walls, and organs. Sweets and refined products can increase your hunger and therefore lead to increased blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels over a period of time can lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.

Regular check-ups with your healthcare provider along with a proper balanced diet and Exercise can help you reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular problems.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

  • Alcohol contains empty calories or zeroes nutritional value. If you are planning to lose weight, alcohol works like a counterproductive.
  • If you are planning to lose weight or maintain the fitness, frequency of smoking and alcohol drinking should be minimized or avoided if possible.

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