Beverages are functional foods that offer all types of nutrients. What makes them even better is their taste and the ease for us to consume them at the go. One doesn’t need strong teeth, or a healthy digestive system for beverages. Beverages are no less than a blessing for patients who are not strong enough to eat food. These qualities made beverages more valuable and the world thinking why we don’t have more of them.

Today, we have thousands of types of drinks for every need and occasion. They provide us energy in the form of milkshakes, freshness as coffee, satisfy our thirst as lemonade, and many other health benefits as tea. 

It would seem that an increasing number of individuals are becoming ever more familiar with the numerous health benefits of a well-known beverage called a “smoothie/smoothy”. Usually prepared by blending crushed ice and fresh fruits or vegetables, these thirst-quenchers, similar to milkshakes, are mostly found sold in cafés and in some restaurants with added nutritional fixings such as milk, honey syrup, yogurt, soy or rice milk and protein powder. Yet, smoothies can also be purchased in supermarkets wherein pre-bottled versions are available as well. Some companies even distribute them in small packs with ready-cut frozen fruit portions that you can easily blend at home.

This creamy beverage also comes in several flavors. People keep trying different recipes and ingredients to see how many other tastes and benefits they can get out of a smoothie. You can literally put any ingredient in a smoothie that can be served as, with, or in a sweet dish. Unlike milkshake, smoothies aren’t limited to just fruits and milk. You can use vegetables and even add lemons on top to create a healthy beverage with things that your doctor recommended. It’s up to you to add sugar or not; it depends on whether you are consuming it for health or taste. 

So what exactly do smoothies offer in terms of health advantages? Well, it has long been established from the 1960s that the consumption of such highly nutritious health drinks cater the right amount of sustenance our body needs. You need not worry about not being able to meet the recommended daily dietary requirement for you or your children knowing that a mouthful of these healthiest smoothies will get you the complete prescribed amount of nutrients you all need for the entire day.

Also, the fruit and vegetable ingredients found in smoothies are abundant in substances called antioxidants, which are known to help your body get rid of those free radicals. These antioxidants will not only help slow the process of anyone getting old or preventing anyone from having damage tissues but likewise protect you from acquiring harmful disease conditions such as heart illness or perhaps cancer. Furthermore, the reality is that you can prepare your own smoothie according to your chosen healthy diet (you can find some healthy smoothie recipes here, and that is enough of a good point to help you achieve that healthy body you’ve always wanted.

Here are some of the other detailed facts about smoothies which can aid in further understanding and appreciating the health benefits they offer:

  • Using dairy products and substitutes that are low in fat, like vanilla soy milk, which is not only low in calories but is also very appetizing, as one of the main ingredients would surely get the best out of your smoothie.
  • Trying out crushed frozen superfruit juices such as of mangosteen as a replacement for plain crushed ice absolutely produces the most tasty and healthiest smoothies you could ever taste.
  • Spices like cinnamon can also be added which definitely supplies a great amount of antioxidant in the drink.
    Besides the milky texture, it provides smoothies, healthy fats like coconut oil are rich in omega and are said to help heighten the absorption of some vitamins and amino acids in the body. According to studies, this can be valuable management to help solve the widespread problem of obesity (more on smoothies and weight loss here).

Considered by many as one of the best health drinks ever made, it is practical to say that as long as the healthiest smoothies are available, there is in no way we cannot live a healthy Fruitful life.

By Caitlyn

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