How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a problem that a huge population is facing. It is a sign of possible health risks, discomfort, or uneven body condition. This may also give sleepers lack of sleep, as well as the people sleeping with him/her. 

It is a natural event for someone who is sleeping because his or her throat relaxes during sleep. However, if the snoring is excessive it can lead to altering of sleeping patterns, creating insomnia, and irritation to both the snorer and the person behind him or her. 

But there are medically and scientifically proven ways that can stop snoring apart from using  a snore stopper. Below is the list of tips that one can follow to stop snoring and have a healthy air circulation and body condition.

  • Avoid flat lying positions when sleeping

This is the best advice when your snoring is just minor and minimal. In addition, this position can prevent the throat’s relaxed and untoned muscles from obstructing the pathways of the air circulation. If your bed has a reclining function, it is advisable that you set it in an angle that keeps your head up as you sleep, as this posture will help to expand the nasal airways.

  • Avoid consuming heavy meals and dairy products at night

Consuming heavy meals and dairy products is not advisable when you are about to sleep. Milk and other dairy products will result to an excessive amount of mucus in your mouth and throat. This mucus contributes to the obstruction of the airways that worsens snoring. 

Heavy meals before going to bed will cause your stomach to feel discomfort. When it is full, your regular breathing pattern might be disrupted because the stomach might press against your diaphragm. 

  • Practice throat and tongue exercises regularly

Over-relaxation of the throat can be avoided with proper throat and tongue exercises. Also, snoring can be avoided with a stronger throat and tongue. You can exercise by gently pressing your upper and lower molars toward each other while your mouth is open and stretching your molars as wide as possible but not too far. 

  • Limit the intake of alcoholic drinks

Most individuals are relaxed when they drink alcohol or when they feel the effect of the alcohol. And because snoring frequently occurs when the throat and tongue are at ease, alcohol can trigger the condition by causing an extremely relaxed state for both the throat and tongue. To get a better night sleep, limit the alcohol intake or avoid it entirely.

  • Consider getting a humidifier

Congestion on the throat and nasal membranes when dried by dry air can contribute to snoring problems. Congestion can make it difficult to breathe normally and causing the tissues to vibrate. Using a humidifier can aid by removing dry air from the environment and providing greater comfort for body to contribute to natural breathing. 

  • Normal Bodyweight 

Your throat might shrink once you lie down when you are overweight. Snoring becomes more common because of carrying extra weight around your neck. The higher the circumference of the neck of overweight people, the more likely they are to snore. Weight reduction can lead to improved sleep quality and this is one of the most effective ways to stop snoring. 

  • Dental appliance

Talk to your dentist about receiving an oral appliance to help modify the size of your airway so that you tongue has enough room to move around while you sleep. This will help in preventing an obstruction to the airway. You can relate an oral appliance to a sports mouth guard that fits over the teeth. It keeps the mouth in a forward position causing a better airway.

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