Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club

A straight smile always makes a great first impression, but many people don’t want to deal with metal brackets and wires. That’s why the success of Invisalign and Smile Direct Club comes as no surprise. Both products offer patients straighter teeth with the use of clear aligners. They even rely on the same innovative technology. In essence, the two brands are nearly identical.

Clear aligners are more popular and accessible than ever. However, patients can obtain treatment in different ways. A dentist who is also an Invisalign Provider can provide a suitability assessment for Invisalign treatment. On the other hand, Smile Direct Club offers patients both an in-person scan or remote option. Those who prefer the latter use a dentist-approved kit to make a mold of their teeth at home. Although Smile Direct Club may seem more convenient at first glance, Invisalign still remains the go-to choice in most cases. Here’s why.

Better Supervision

The main allure of Smile Direct Club is straighter teeth without needing to visit a dentist. While this is a great selling point, it does fall short. Since patients never have to schedule an in-person consultation or checkups, treatment doesn’t always go as planned. The movement of some teeth may lag, and the patient may notice slower progress.

On the other hand, a dentist always supervises Invisalign treatments. Patients schedule routine visits to monitor their progress. If the dentist notices something out of the ordinary, they can make adjustments on the spot. This one-on-one care ensures the patient gets the best results.

Tackles Difficult Cases

Smile Direct Club promises to straighten teeth, and the service does just that. Those with minor crowding or spacing issues often get great results. However, the brand’s system isn’t designed to handle more complex alignment or bite problems. Those with a crossbite, underbite, or overbite are not the best candidates for Smile Direct Club.

In contrast, Invisalign can correct a variety of spacing and bite issues. In addition to aligners, dentists also rely on attachment, rubber bands, and other appliances to guide a patient’s teeth into the ideal position. Whether the patient has mild, moderate, or severe teeth misalignments, a dentist can customize a treatment plan to address it all.

More Cost-Efficient

Orthodontic treatment is expensive, and patients often look for ways to cut costs. Since Smile Direct Club patients never visit a dentist, the overall price for treatment is lower than Invisalign. While this may tempt people into choosing Smile Direct Club, the savings often stop there.

Since Smile Direct Club patients don’t get in-person checkups, the treatment doesn’t always go smoothly. The patient may be disappointed with their results and opt for different orthodontics afterward. Others may experience difficulties during treatment and schedule an unexpected dentist appointment. These unforeseen checkups add up quickly. Those who choose Invisalign visit their dentist regularly, and most patients graduate from the treatment fully satisfied with their smiles.

The Choice Is Clear, Literally

Patients looking to improve their smiles will see impressive results from both Smile Direct Club and Invisalign. The products are nearly identical and work as advertised. While the at-home program offered by Smile Direct Club is tempting, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Invisalign patients get personalized, in-person care. It’s better in most cases, especially if an individual has a complex case. Which is right for you? Only a dentist can tell you for sure.

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