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The Japanese are among the first to study quality and longevity as two inseparable concepts. And scientists have delved particularly deeply into researching how to slow down aging at the cellular level and make our joints more durable and long-lasting with the best collagen powder.

That’s when a unique substance called collagen came to their attention. 

Collagen is the skeleton, the ‘building material’ of all connective tissue in our bodies. It is responsible for joints, ligaments and bones, and the quality of the skin. The body itself produces collagen, but its synthesis decreases with age.

Imagine that our whole life is an escalator in the underground going down, and the only thing we can do is take into account several factors and “stop this escalator” for a while.

But the Japanese scientists were not satisfied with a trivial halt. They needed a breakthrough – a state in which they could start walking up this very “escalator of life”, ignoring the stereotypes that old age is inevitable. That is how they discovered the enormous benefits of taking collagen.

Helping the body in time: Why take collagen supplements?

Over time, scientists worldwide have concluded that collagen stores in the body can and should be replenished. They have also formulated some of the most popular forms of consumption: pills, injections, and powders.

Let’s talk more about collagen benefits then: 

Bones and healthy joints. Collagen is an effective substance that supports healthy joints and reduces the risk of joint deterioration.

Healthy skin. The supplement stimulates collagen production, improving or maintaining skin tone, elasticity and firmness because, after 25 years of age, collagen production in the skin slows down every year. With all that, don’t forget to use Natural Organic Skincare production like Franchine Young

Reduced risks. Collagen improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

No extra pounds. Collagen can help you lose a few pounds by speeding up your metabolism. A component of collagen called glycine can help move sugar into your tissues, providing a boost of energy.

Digestion. Collagen can alleviate digestive disorders, especially in the case of increased intestinal permeability syndrome.

New victories without unnecessary injuries. Collagen is also used in some sports supplements. This is necessary in order to increase stamina and muscle mass. By using collagen supplements, you can not only reduce the risk of injury but also provide timely support to your joints. 

Hormonal balance. As proteins can rebalance hormones, adding collagen to your diet can have a favorable effect on your hormones.

Improved quality of sleep. Adding collagen to your diet can improve sleep quality and relieve you from daytime sleepiness.


Collagen protein is the basis of our body’s connective tissue. This essential component needs to be regularly replenished. The best way to replenish collagen is to take synthetic supplements because people do not get enough protein from food.

Collagen is designed for internal and external use. Nutritional supplements can help retain youthfulness for longer, relieve joint problems, and prevent diseases of internal organs. Creams and injections significantly improve the appearance of the skin, replenish moisture deficiency and restore destroyed collagen fibers.

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