The pandemic has changed everything, and while we’re still under some pretty strict guidelines on what we should and shouldn’t be doing, the world is slowly moving forward.  People are vaccinated and starting to return to the office even though the delta variant is rising. The world isn’t the only thing that’s changed over the last year and a half. 

Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise Getting The Body of Your Dreams

Though plastic surgeries and elective cosmetic procedures took a bit of a hit during the initial lockdown, they are going to come back full force. So it’s not surprising that people want to get some work done. For some, it’s about getting back to their pre-pandemic body. For others, it’s about changing what they saw when doing those zoom meetings for the last year and a half.  It helps that it seems like people’s attitudes about plastic surgery have improved. It is no longer looked down on and instead seen as just a part of our modern life. There is less and less stigma to go along with it which encourages more people to go ahead and pursue the body they’ve always dreamed of. 

The Last Bit of Stubborn Fat

No matter how hard you work out or diet, some things just cannot be changed unless you opt for a cosmetic procedure. For instance, you can lose every bit of fat you intend to lose, but there can be stubborn pockets where it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on a diet or how many calories you burn that particular area won’t budge. That’s what these cosmetic procedures are designed to take care of for you. 

Coolsculpting to Freeze Away the Fat

One method that’s becoming increasingly popular is Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is a less invasive form of fat removal and body contouring. It’s designed to be used on the most stubborn areas of the body. So, for example, it’s perfect for dealing with that double chin or chubby jawline. 

It is imperative to remember that it is very different from liposuction and is not designed for weight loss. It is also not intended to help with sagging skin issues, for that you’re going to need things like a tummy tuck or other more invasive surgical options.  

Coolsculpting, however, is perfect for the visible and hard to deal with smaller areas. Another prime example of a target zone for Coolsculpting is the ever-persistentbra-line fat or the stubborn fat under the arm. 

How Exactly Does Cool Sculpting Work?

Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared technology. It destroys up to 25 percent of the fat cells that are treated during a session.

It’s only approved for nine areas on the body. It works by actually freezing fat cells. There is no surgery, and therefore there is no recovery time. So you can do this and go to work the following day without issue. 

For most patients, there isn’t much discomfort during the procedure. Most only are bothered in the very beginning, if at all. However, others felt some minor pinching and intense cold sensations. But the overall consensus is it’s a relatively painless procedure for what it accomplishes. 

The worst part of the procedure most patients have said is the massage that comes after removing the machine. When the provider takes the device off, the fat that was focused on will be a shaped firm mass under your skin.  The objective is to massage out those frozen cells, helping them along their way where your body will break them down and eliminate them.  

Time Effectiveness and Recovery Time

The whole process generally takes bout forty-five minutes per session. The exact number of sessions needed to get the results you’re after can vary. For some, it’s one or two. For others, more sessions may be necessary. It all depends on how many areas of the body you’re attempting to treat and your particular body. 

So is it a permanent solution? Not necessarily, though those particular fat cells are destroyed by freezing, meaning that they won’t just reappear, it doesn’t mean that if you gain more weight, it won’t be in those areas. Even though w4e seem to develop all the fat cells, we’ll have by the time we’re into adulthood. Our fluctuating weight shows those fat cells can expand significantly. So because it’s only destroyed 20-25 percent of the fat cells, for example, under your chin, the remaining cells there can still expand if you don’t watch what you eat and continue to exercise. 

The results are also not instant. It’s one of the things that seems to balance out the little recovery time required, and that’s that results take a while. Usually, the real difference can be seen around three months after the second session. It’s all up to your body and how quickly it can break down and eliminate the fat frozen by the treatment. 

Ask Questions and Beware of Frauds

Another thing to keep in mind is checking in with your provider and the technology they are using. The market has seen an increase in fraudulent versions of the Coolsculpting technology, and you don’t want anything to do with those. They are not FDA-approved, and instead of destroying fat, you could quickly end up ruining your skin. Coolsculpting is a moderately expensive treatment, so if it sounds too good to be true, really do your due diligence and check it out. The counterfeit versions can do terrible damage, causing severe frostbite to the skin. Any reputable cosmetic procedure clinic or practitioner will be more than happy to talk to you about the technology they use. 

Ideal clients for this type of procedure are those who are really close to having their perfect bodies. They’ve already done almost all the work, and it’s down to just these small stubborn areas regardless of how many things they try, from fad diets to exercise trends, even nutritionists and those small areas are still persistent and don’t want to go away. These are the people that will benefit the most from the Coolsculpt procedure. 

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