Macquarie Centre is one of the biggest shopping establishments in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Sydneysiders come here to shop for various essentials like clothes, food, and other supplies. The shopping centre is conveniently located near the Sydney CBD and easily accessible through various bus connections. 

Aside from shopping, locals and tourists go to Macquarie Centre for different healthcare services. Those who need to get new prescription glasses or a pair of contact lenses usually visit the clinic of their trusted Macquarie Centre optometrist. While in the clinic, they would find more information about the latest trends in the eye care industry. 

At the moment, eye clinics in Macquarie Centre offer a holistic approach to treating their patients. Here are some of the latest eye care industry trends that you can expect from a reputable Macquarie Centre optometrist.  

Medical Optometry Treatments

A standard Macquarie Centre optometrist usually offers medical optometry services and treatments to diagnose any eye-related diseases. According to a report, at least 13 million Australians deal with some form of vision disorder. If you think you are encountering a vision problem, you can schedule an appointment with your optometrist in Macquarie Centre for early treatment and prevention. 

Orthokeratology Services

Some vision problems require more solutions other than wearing a pair of glasses. There are cases when you would need specialised treatments like orthokeratology to fix your vision. Unlike the typical pair of contact lenses, these special lenses must only be worn before you sleep. The lenses work by reshaping your cornea gently so you can have a better vision the following day. It eliminates the need to wear glasses or contacts when you wake up. It can also correct problems like myopia for children at a young age.  

Blue Light Glass Trends

More people spend time on their digital devices nowadays, especially since people need to connect online to get various information for work or study. Because of this, the popularity of blue light glasses started to surge in 2020 significantly. This special type of eyewear can help you avoid the negative effects of blue light emitted by the gadgets on the eyes. You may get your new pair of blue light glasses with your preferred frame from your optometrist’s clinic in Macquarie Centre.

Instant Eyeglass Services

Since most people in Sydney live a hectic lifestyle, they need services that they can get instantly. It is also the case when they need to get a new pair of glasses. Fortunately, most eye clinics in Macquarie Centre can provide you with your new spectacles in an hour or less.

The same day express glasses services work by having technicians on-site to create a new pair of eyewear that suits the clients. You only need to consult with a licensed optometrist in the clinic and wait for a while before you can get your new eyewear. Thus, you can come out of the shopping centre with an improved vision. 

These are some of the latest eye care industry trends implemented by different eye care clinics in Macquarie Centre. By availing any of these services, you may find yourself seeing the world clearly. You only need to find a good eye doctor to provide the appropriate treatment for your needs.

By Caitlyn

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