moves used in wrestling

There are several moves in wrestling that are executed to win the point. Similarly, freestyle wrestling has been practiced since the 19th century, so in freestyle wrestling, several locks, leg trips, and throws are utilized to win the point and knock down your opponent off the mat. There are various freestyle moves if conducted properly can help a wrestler to win the match. A few of these freestyle wrestling moves, I am discussing in today’s blog. 

Leg sweep style

Wrestling starts with a neutral style, both the opponents facing each other, and their aim is to knock down each other. The takedown is one of the vital aspects of wrestling and is mainly used in leg sweep style. In leg sweep just hold your opponent upper area of the chest and then use your leg to sweep the leg of your opponent, with the help of this move you can easily lose the balance of your opponent making him off to the point which will result in takedown and help in achieving back point. Other than that if you are in search of getting the best suitable gym outfits I would recommend you to get it from born tough. Born tough provides high-quality gym outfits that are designed to provide you with immense comfort and durability, as born tough shorts for men are durable and provide you required stretch aiding comfort in your workout. 

The basic shot

Before you need to start any takedown you should learn first how to deliver a  shot. You can’t be a good wrestler if you don’t know how you can deliver a perfect shot. A decent shot can also make you learn about how you can initiate an offensive move. To perform it you have to simply change your level, just drop down on the floor and move forward a little bit with your knees between your opponent’s legs. This move also helps to decrease the distance between you and your opponent, which will allow you to secure one or both of the legs of your opponent. Now you can easily punch in and you can choose any takedown method to compete. When you are better able to understand the basic shot there are several takedown techniques you must practice because they are the basic pillars of wrestling. Some of these takedown techniques are mentioned below.

Double leg takedown technique

Double leg takedown technique is the basic takedown technique taught to the wrestlers who are beginners. In double leg takedown technique, all you have to do is grab your opponent with both of your arms around your opponent’s legs keeping your chest closer to your opponent, and then choose the position which can help you to take your opponent towards the ground. Other than that if you are searching for a suitable gym outfit that could provide you with immense comfort throughout your workout, Born tough offers you workout outfits that are suitably designed for your exercise. Born tough workout shorts are available in the best quality at a cheap price which you would love to buy. 

single-leg takedown technique

Single leg takedown technique is another technique that you will learn when you start practicing your wrestling. It’s a very effective move that you can learn to knock down your opponent when he/she has a solid base and defensive tactics. In order to perform this move, you must hold just one leg of your opponent instead of holding both legs. I would suggest holding the leading leg of your opponent as it would be difficult for your opponent to defend himself. Try to hold your opponent’s foot from the inside of your hand and his ankle from the outside of your hand. In this way, you will be better able to stand up now, twist, and spin yourself in order to lose the balance of your opponent. When executed a properly single-leg takedown can be utilized to take down your opponent onto the mat, and to make up the position which is dominating. 

Rear body takedown technique

Rear body takedown is the best technique that is used to take down your opponent when he tries to escape. This technique starts by holding the waist of your opponent with both of your hands. After that, you place one of your feet on the feet of your opponent. Your foot should be perpendicular to the foot of your opponent making the shape T. now place your other leg between the leg of your opponent and drag him down when you sit down. When both of you hit the canvas get back to your top position again.

Two types of takedown which rely on your strength?

Two types of takedown techniques that rely on your strength are bearhug and headlock, pushing your opponent at the backside to make him fall down. 

The skills which I have mentioned above help you to become a world-class wrestler, so indulge yourself to the fullest in practicing these techniques, and enjoy your success on the combat mat. 

By Caitlyn

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