When a brand-new healing method or product hits the strength community, it goes viral. Everybody wishes on the train, from long-established recovery tools to businesses you might haven’t heard of. Thus, what is the deal with percussion or vibration massage guns? Can they be well worth the hype? Can they work? Let us dig deeper.

Massage guns are a must have for everyone. Look at the pros and cons below.

What Are The Pros Of Percussion Massage Guns?

Let us first talk about the benefits of these massage tools for runners.

Reduced DOMS

A runner’s nemesis is delayed onset muscle soreness, or maybe DOMS. DOMS is a sore, tight feeling that arises between 24 and 28 times after a rigorous workout or perhaps races for all those new to the word. It is triggered by microscopic tears which naturally happen in muscle fibres during exercise. DOMS isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can prevent succeeding workouts by making you feel too sore from exercising or inhibiting movement patterns due to soreness.

Improved Performance

The same above-mentioned study shows that the use of percussion or vibration therapy before exercise can help:

  • decrease tissue adhesion, thus improving range of motion
  • decrease the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood, thus reducing the time until fatigue 
  • may offer a beginning reduction of pain/
  • Most of these factors might contribute to enhanced running performance.

Improved Blood Flow = Faster Recovery 

When pre-owned post-workout, percussion massage guns can temporarily boost blood circulation on the muscle mass. Improved blood circulation can help accelerate the healing process by cleaning out waste products from damaged tissue. Additionally, the blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue that help stimulate regrowth and recovery of the tissue.

Painfulness Relief

Suppose you pushed or raced tough, and despite the best preventative measures of yours, you still need sore muscles. What’ve athletes considered for muscles that are sore for eons? Rub. To put it simply, percussion massage guns Feel great on sore muscles.

What Are The Cons Of Massage Guns?

Every recovery application has “cons,” and percussion massage guns are no different. Here is what you have to learn about the disadvantage of these recovery tools:

Person Error

There is generally a possibility you can wind up working with the massage gun incorrectly. Or perhaps, you can be massaging a region encountering referred pain, moreover not focusing on the spot that requires help with healing.

Exacerbating Chronic Conditions Or Injury

Massage guns utilized on injuries including strain, broken bones, sprains, or perhaps severe swelling could make your injury even worse. They can further harm the injured tissue and even increase the swelling rate occasionally. This can delay healing time and also could cause much more pain.

Bulky Or Heavy / Noisy

While not accurate for each percussion massage gun, several could be bulky and even significant. It simply makes sense, as the battery should be big enough to offer power to the motor, which moves quite fast.

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