Cycling Habits After Lockdown

Many people took up new hobbies throughout the pandemic. Sadly, it is likely that many of them dropped these pastimes once the bulk of restrictions were lifted. 

Many people took up cycling over lockdown, countering the effects of what could be a stifling experience at times. At one point, bike stock was even low due to the demand in some parts of the U.S., with new enthusiasts rushing to make their purchases. You may count yourself as being one of these recent converts yourself. 

From gadgets like power meters for training to helmets and other gear, the cycling equipment industry was up by 15 percent in the past 12 months until the end of July 2021 compared to last year, according to an NPD report. 

If you found an affinity with cycling, then those feelings are sacred. Try not to let your love of cycling fizzle out as life returns to normal. Let the activity be a positive thing that you got out of all the bleakness of the pandemic experience. 

Maintain your love of cycling even after the pandemic has subsided. Keep reading for all the reasons that you should do this. 

Having Something to Talk About

The pandemic has been a traumatic experience for some. For those who are lucky, it has at least been dreary and tedious. 

Cycling can simply give you something to talk about with friends and family. After all, you may worry that you will eventually run out of things to talk about, especially after a year of almost nothing but bad news. Your hobbies can be a conversational lifeline in many social situations. 

Enjoy the in-depth conversations you can have with fellow cyclists. Even the team at Velosurance are cyclists themselves, providing you with excellent insurance coverage on your bike as well as insightful conversation. They understand your desire for minimal downtimes more than anyone too, and so work incredibly hard to make sure you can get back to pedalling at the earliest opportunity. Of course, everyone also enjoys the feeling of satisfaction that comes with excellent service, and you will find that here. 

Ultimately, having cycling in common with other people can pay off. You can have something to be proud of and relish the quality services that can help you nurture your hobby over time.  

Enjoying Bonding Opportunities

Many people cycle solo. However, it can also be an exceedingly fun group activity. 

Therefore, cycling could potentially improve the quality of your relationships. Have you fallen out of touch with any friends during the pandemic period? Perhaps you could get together for a group bike ride and explore the great outdoors together?

If you are craving more connections with people after the pandemic, cycling could be the answer. A quick Google search may introduce you to dozens of bicycle clubs in your local area. Who knows what new friendships you can experience?

Of course, it is not just about your friendships either. You may be a parent with kids growing up, and as they do, you may feel like you have less in common. Still, cycling can be a point of permanent unity and is something your whole family can enjoy whether your kids are 8 or 18.

Revelling in Exploration

Most people worldwide have been issued with a stay at home order. They may have also been confined to their local towns. 

If you have been discouraged by pandemic measures at times, then cycling may help you stimulate your desire for exploration. Whether you are on busy roads in bustling cities or quaint woodland trails in mountainous regions, there is plenty to see when you are atop your bicycle. 

You could pick a direction, start pedalling, and see where you end up too. Have you seen everything in your local area, or could there be some surprises in store? That sense of freedom can be exhilarating and is worth revisiting even when the pandemic is a distant memory. 

Making the World a Better Place

You may view cycling as something very personal to you. However, the mode of travel is reshaping the world, and your influence has potentially been felt on that score.  

The nationwide cycling boom has led to some analysts predicting a transit overhaul in the U.S., which could be highly important. Your love of cycling may have contributed to an initiative that may potentially better the well-being of everyone. Benefits include:

  • Looking after the environment – Every person cycling to work is a person that is not driving a car. Emissions could be cut back drastically if enough people take up the activity. 
  • Improving public physical health – Anyone taking up cycling will enjoy the health benefits the activity provides. People may enjoy cleaner air due to lower emissions. Additionally, cycling can strengthen heart muscles, reduce body fat levels, and lower a person’s resting pulse considerably. 
  • Bettering mental wellness – Some people may come to view cycling as therapeutic. It can reduce stress and anxiety and give people an incentive to enjoy the outdoors instead of staying home. 

While you can enjoy these benefits yourself, the influence the activity has had in recent times has a real chance of helping the world and its people. Keep the love of cycling alive in your way, and you could be helping more people than just yourself. 

By Caitlyn

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