Safety Tips For Traveling Post The Pandemic

We did see a high rise in death rates and severe rush in hospitals recently. However, it has subsided, and life is getting back to normal once again. The urge to travel and holiday is back once again, and we are sure you are planning a holiday soon as well. But remember, the threat of infections and coronavirus still stays. That is why whenever you step out of the house, keep in mind some safety tips. So, if you live in California and want to travel overseas, you must get a free COVID test at no more than 1 day before flying (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship).

Ø  Factors that ensure you travel safely after the pandemic! 

As the borders have opened and travel is getting seamless once again, people often forget that there is still some danger lurking in the air. You must not be one of them. Travel wisely and safely if you want yourself and your family members safest while you enjoy your vacations. From the mode of transport you prefer to the place you choose to stay, you must consider the safety criterion at each step when you travel. Read for some tips here:

o    Get vaccinated if not still done – You probably have taken the COVID 19 vaccination by now. But if not, or if one of your doses is left, take them for sure before you set out for a holiday. You must be safe against this disease, and the vaccination assures that.

o    Check the COVID 19 case status of your location and the place where you are going – Though you are safely vaccinated, it is still very essential to check the current covid 19 case status of your location and even the place to where you are travelling. Why take the risk to visit a destination that can be of any danger to you or your family? 

o    Carry your mask, sanitizer and medicines with you – Moving out without a mask is still not permissible in most locations. And even if it is allowed, don’t take the risk. Stay safe – always keep your mask on! You will also require keeping the sanitizer handy because of the constant exposure to various things during the journey. And lastly, carry paracetamol, oximeter, thermometer, and other essential medications you may need. Don’t take any chances with your health when you are away from home.

o    Rent an apartment than a hotel – The hotels seem to be the most convenient stopover for you while you travel. Yes, for years we all went there whenever we travelled. But this cozy home away from home may not be safe for you anymore. There are a whole lot of people checking in at the same time, and even the cleanliness and sanitization may not be up to the mark. Instead, you can consider opting for Kasa Living by Kasa. These are houses or apartments that are rented and are immaculately hygienic. You even enjoy 24/7 customer service when you rent them. The main perk that you will love about these apartments is that they preserve your privacy. You don’t have to ask permission to enter and exit them at all. And because of the COVID 19 fear, don’t they seem simply an ideal solution for your stay at your favorite location?  

o    Be very particular about whom you interact with –It is natural to make friends while you are on a trip to a certain location. You obviously love to interact with others and inquire more about their languages and culture. But this habit may not be entirely safe during the current situation. You never know if that person is infected and ill, and close contact can sometimes lead to spreading these infections. Be very particular about the kids in this matter. They tend to become friends with other children very fast and even are more prone to these infections.

Look, we don’t mean to stress you or scare you about travelling anywhere. But it is always better to be practical and cautious. Since the current danger is not hidden, even you can understand the need to follow these safety precautions. We wish you a happy and safe journey! 

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