Extra Weight Without The Pain

Has your belt gotten a bit too tight and you need to let it out a few notches? Do your trousers seem like they want to split a seam when you put them on? Having a hard time buttoning that shirt? If these things are happening to you, don’t feel too bad, they are happening to a lot of people. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics over 2.3 million Australians (13%) aged 15 years and over have reported they were going on diets to lose weight and for other health reasons, so you are not alone! Fear not, though, there are things that you can do to shed that extra weight, and they are not all awful!

The first thing to do before going on a diet is to examine your current diet, meaning your eating habits. One of the biggest culprits of excess weight isn’t what we eat, it’s what we drink! Sugary sodas and alcoholic drinks fill us up with empty calories that do our bodies no good at all and are in fact harmful to us. Fortunately, there are plenty of tasty options available for the thirsty that can actually help us lose weight and be more healthy! Check out Thrive Health & Nutrition for a big selection of delicious drinks and supplements that can quench that thirst and provide your body with the extra nutrients it needs to stay healthy whilst shedding those unwanted kilos!

There have been millions of words written about healthy diets, so we will try to keep it simple here. Before you eat something, ask yourself a few simple questions:

Does the food have good nutritional value for the number of calories it contains?

Will eating it make you feel full and satisfied?

Are the ingredients natural and healthful, or does it contain a lot of artificial colours and preservatives?

How much, sugar, fat, and sodium does the food contain?

If you are mindful of the foods you eat instead of just grabbing whatever suits the moment’s fancy, it becomes much more likely you will achieve your weight loss goals, plus you are more likely to enjoy eating them now that you know what they will do for you!

The next thing that everyone dreads about dieting is exercise. Is it really necessary? Yes, it is, but it doesn’t have to be painful! Moderate exercise done right is a lot of fun, and will make you feel better about yourself! Rome was not built in a day, start slow with a walk around the block before you go entering a marathon! Around thirty minutes of aerobic exercise every day along with a sensible diet will go a long way toward getting you to the weight you want to be at!

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website has some really great information about maintaining a healthy diet, it’s well worth checking it out.

So, please don’t let that extra weight get you down, get up and get it off you!

By Caitlyn

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