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Are you suffering from obesity or do you weigh more than 200 lbs? I understand how troublesome it might be for you to cut off extra fat. So if you’re question is:

“I Weigh 200 lbs, how do i lose weight?”

Follow this go-to-guide to burn additional calories and get your desired body. Read on:

Have you ever opted for a 1200-calorie diet plan? If yes, you know that how difficult it is to carry on a strict diet regime keeping your craving to eat delicious meals at bay, isn’t it? Although people often begin their weight loss journey with a lot of enthusiasm, research suggests that we tend to eat junk food and other such mouth-watering meals at some point in our life. And that’s where our entire efforts to control our craving fail. For a majority of the people suffering from obesity or overweight issues (no less than 200 pounds), following the rigid diet plans seems quite troublesome.

If you’re tired of skipping your square meals or taking prescribed medication but couldn’t notice effective results, here are some top-most measures that can help you get your desired body shape. So let’s have a look:

Change your Lifestyle

Do minor changes in your daily life schedule affect your weight management? Can you lose a significant amount of weight by adopting a healthy and happy lifestyle? Of course, yes! Here we’ll show you how the small factors have a major influence over your weight:

Control your hormone levels

One of the chief factors that we fail to identify is that humans tend to put on unnecessary weight because of the hormonal imbalance. In fact, the calories and workout hardly affect your body when compared with hormones. Let’s discuss the hormones that influence your body weight:

1. Leptin: Ever wondered how Leptin affects your weight? This specific hormone helps you ascertain that you’re full. Basically, the procedure isn’t that simple how it seems to be. Leptin discharges from the fat cells of your body and is carried by your blood vessels to the brain. While it reaches your brain, it helps the brain know that your body is full to consume anything else.

Sounds quite easy and interesting, isn’t it?

But, the majority of people tend to eat a lot of fructose (found in processed food as well as fruits). So what is the issue if I eat a high-quantity of fructose? Studies suggest that the liver of a human body cannot treat a large amount of fructose and thus, convert excess fructose into fats. Not only does this excessive fat accumulate in your liver but the same boost the level of Leptin hormone which makes it tricky for your brain to identify if you’re full.

2. Cortisol: If you’ve been trying to lose weight since months but couldn’t find any positive change, the excessive production of this stress-producing hormone can be the leading cause for your constant weight gain. To control the level of Cortisol, try to indulge in the activities and exercises that can alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. To increase your edurance and burn fact you can try cardarine, it not only helps you to burn your fat quickly and easily, it also improves your workouts, which helps you to loss your weight at less time.

Want to know more about how hormone imbalance can lead to weight gain and the different types of hormone replacement therapy for men & women click here.

Go for a low-carb diet

Carbohydrates are one of the leading sources of the creation of glucose that accumulates in your body as fat. Do you wish to see instant weight loss results? Just give up your favorite pastries, soda, and other sugary products for a period of 2 weeks. You don’t believe it? I lost 7lbs in just 2 weeks avoiding my favorite sweet cuisines.

Exercise more

When it comes to losing additional pounds, exercise masters the list of weight loss treatment. And why not? After all, it burns extra calories of your body and helps in weight management. However, you aren’t needed to follow a strict diet plan together with 13-14 hours of weightlifting exercise. In fact, just a short stride of 20-30 minutes is all that can burn your fat and help you get a fit body. you can also buy an indoor bikes for a complete workout experience. There are many indoor workout bikes present in the market, but you find the good ones here. You can also buy a bike for a complete workout experience. There are many bikes for fat people present in the market.

Drink a considerable amount of water

You should aim to gulp around 8-10 glasses of water every day and better if you calculate it as per your body weight i.e. 0.5 ounces per every pound. Hence, if you weigh more than 200 pounds, you should drink at least 100 ounces of water a day. If you drink more, you will flush more toxins out of your body and feel full to eat anymore.


According to the clinical research, prior to integrating healthy and nutritious diet in your regular meal, you should first figure out what exactly is leading to your excessive weight? Once you come to know which particular ingredient or meal is influencing your body to a great extent, you would be able to lose a considerable amount of pounds with ease. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve gained more than 200lbs, no need to worry. Just follow this go-to-go guide and get your desired body shape. Good Luck!

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