Signs That It Is Time to See a Dentist

It is an unfortunate fact that many people don’t visit a dentist for years, and that can lead to some life-altering oral health problems. Even if your teeth appear to be bright and healthy, you could be developing underlying issues that must be addressed immediately. By visiting the best dentist, you will be able to catch and treat minor problems before they become serious oral health complications that bring your life to a grinding halt. Those are a few of the reasons why you should always keep an eye out for any signs that it might be time to make an appointment. 

Tooth Discoloration

One of the reasons why many patients schedule dental appointments is because they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. While some discoloration is perfectly natural, you should contact a dentist like Dr. Chad Tomazin as soon as you notice any cosmetic problems with your smile. Even if the discoloration hasn’t been caused by any serious oral health problems, your dentist should still thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums. A dental team will also be able to help you with teeth cleaning and whitening services. 

Ongoing Mouth Pain

When it comes to discomfort in your mouth, you must always err on the side of caution. Mouth pain might be caused by relatively minor issues, but it can also be the result of severe health complications that must be treated immediately. Some of the most common causes of mouth pain include gum disease, tooth decay, and malocclusion. All of those oral health problems require immediate assistance from a dentist like Dr. Chad Tomazin. When left untreated, they could result in permanent damage to the teeth and gums. 

Discolored or Swollen Gums

Studies are now showing us that periodontitis is one of the most common health complications in the world, and almost every adult will struggle with this disease at some point over the years. Gum disease often begins with nothing more than minor inflammation, but it can lead to problems ranging from severe decay to permanent soft tissue damage. Luckily, this condition can usually be treated within a matter of months as long as patients catch the early warning signs. Antibacterial mouthwash, scaling, and root planing are some of those most common treatments for gum disease. 

Enjoying a Bright and Healthy Smile

Oral health issues can quickly lead to serious complications or permanent damage, but it is important to remember that most of those problems can easily be taken care of as long as you contact a dentist right away. With a little bit of assistance and some healthy lifestyle choices at home, you should be able to preserve your bright and healthy smile for many years to come.

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