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In this day and age, our hairstyles make up an important part of our personalities and the impression we make on our people every day. So when your hair shows signs of thinning, it is generally a knee-jerk reaction to run to the pharmacy and find the best, or most popular, hair solution. 

However, chemical solutions come with a range of undesirable side effects. In the worst case, you may be allergic to the chemical meant to stimulate hair growth.

If you find that you would rather not use synthetic chemicals to stimulate your hair follicles, then read on to find out about some fantastic homemade solutions for faster hair growth.

Onion Juice/Potato Juice

Considered by many hair experts and users to be the most effective stimulant for hair growth, onion juice has to be at the top of our list. 

The sulfur content in onions is responsible for boosting collagen production in the tissues of the scalp, thereby stimulating regrowth. 

All you have to do is mash or grate a few onion slices to extract the juice, apply it to your scalp, and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off using a mild shampoo. You don’t have to worry about the overpowering smell of onions, as it will be washed off thoroughly with shampoo. If you still don’t like the idea of onion juice, you can use potato juice instead.

Coconut Milk

Being rich in iron, potassium, and essential fats, coconut milk is another very popular homemade solution for hair growth. Although some people argue that it is imperative to extract the milk yourself, you can also buy it from your local grocery store, and it will work just as well. 

Just add a few lemon drops (about half a squeeze), four or five drops of essential lavender oil and mix it well. Apply the mixture to your scalp and rest for about four to five hours before rinsing it off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The vinegar helps maintain the balance in your hair’s pH levels, which results in faster hair growth. 

If you are trying this method for the first time, you can mix about 15 ml of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm filtered water. You should then apply it to your scalp after shampooing your hair and then rinse it out before stepping out of the shower. 

If you decide you would like to use this solution, you can mix around 75 ml of apple cider vinegar into one liter of water, and keep it handy every time you shower. Apple cider vinegar has the added benefit of making your hair dandruff-free and shiny.

Egg Mask

Eggs are rich in protein, iron, sulfur, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and iodine. These nutrients make egg masks one of the most popular home remedies for faster hair growth. 

To make an egg mask, you need to get the egg white into a separate bowl and mix it with one teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey. Grapeseed oil and lavender oil can be used in place of olive oil. 

When the mixture gains the consistency of a paste, you should apply generously all over your hair and scalp and let it sit for about 20 minutes to half an hour. When you are ready, you can wash it off with cold water and a mild shampoo.


Another age-old remedy for hair growth is that fenugreek is packed with proteins and nicotinic acid, both known to stimulate hair growth. 

To use this method, you will need to make a paste by grinding a tablespoon of the herb with some water. You can then apply it to your hair and scalp and let it rest for about half an hour, along with a few coconut oil or milk drops. After this, you can go ahead and wash it off, as always, using a mild shampoo.

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants suitable for both boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss

To get the most out of this method, you will need to squeeze out as much warm green tea as you can from the used tea bags. You can then apply this green tea to your scalp and leave it for about half an hour. After this, you can proceed to wash it off with cold water and a mild shampoo.

Indian Gooseberry

Rich in vitamin C, this fruit is another powerhouse for faster hair growth. 

Probably one of the simplest methods, all you need to do is mix two teaspoons of Indian Gooseberry powder or juice with the same amount of lime juice and apply it generously all over your hair and scalp. Then you need to let it dry and wash it off with some warm water. 

This fruit is also known to prevent hair pigmentation.

Dietary Solutions

Another way you can stimulate hair growth is by altering your diet in certain ways. Hair is a string of dead keratin cells. Keratin is a kind of protein, so the first modification you should make to your diet is to increase your protein intake by eating more eggs, chicken, beans, cheese, and other similar foods. 

Besides protein, vitamins A, B, C, and E are also beneficial to hair growth. 

Mango, papaya, orange, prune, and carrots are useful additions to your diet as they are rich in vitamin A. 

Vitamin B, which stimulates hemoglobin production, thus increasing blood supply to the scalp, can be found in foods like potato, banana, beans, oatmeal, chicken, and fish. 

Vitamin C, which boosts collagen production, can be found in many fruits like Indian gooseberry, oranges, kiwis, and guavas. 

Vitamin E stimulates the scalp’s capillary function and can be found in cereals, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and tofu, to mention a few. 

Increasing your intake of these foods and other foods rich in these nutrients will help stimulate hair growth and act as a good supplement for any of the above recipes you will use in your hair.


In summary, there are two ways you can go about stimulating your hair growth, applying some home remedies directly to your hair, and by altering your diet. 

You can choose one or the other, but you can also combine the two approaches for a holistic solution for faster effects. You can experiment with the methods in this article to find out what works best for you. This is especially true because everyone’s physiology is different, and what works for someone else may not work for you at all. 

Altering your diet in the ways mentioned above is not only good for your hair but also has the added benefits of being good for your overall health. Of course, none of these solutions will work if you are in the habit of using hair styling products like gel, which contain a plethora of synthetic chemicals.

Do you know of a home remedy for hair growth that not many people are aware of? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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