BJJ Moves for a Street Fighter

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is actually the self-defense martial arts or combat sport in which various skills are used which involves grappling, submission holds and fighting. So there are hundreds and hundreds of BJJ moves which are used during combat, and which will help you a lot for self-defense. Even if a smaller or a weaker person learns these moves he/she can defend him/herself from a big and strong person. When it comes to self-defense there are several techniques that are utilized by a good BJJ practitioner and they must be known to every BJJ fighter. 

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So getting back to the discussion, there are various moves in BJJ for a street fighter which I am mentioning in today’s blog and I hope it would be really helpful for you to better understand all these moves utilized in BJJ. 

Standing up in a base 

Technical stand up or you can say standing up in a base is the move that is utilized to move from sitting position to a standing position in a way that a person who is delivering these skills should get compressed. If in combat you find yourself in a sitting position the first and foremost thing that arises in your mind is how you can protect your head from being attacked by your opponent. So if you are able to tactfully standup you can easily prevent yourself from being attacked by your rival, and you can escape, engage, or can neutralize the attack. So this skill is really important for you to learn if you want to become a street fighter at the next level. 

 Learn to maintain the mounting position. 

 During your combat try to maintain the mounting position so that you could have a more upright position. It is basically the dominating grappling position, where one opponent is on the torso of the opponent, and both opponents facing towards each other. It is considered the most favorite position for most of the fighters because it is actually a dominating position. 

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Mount escaping technique

This is the first move that you will learn in BJJ training sessions. If you are pinned by your opponent on the ground just apply your mount escaping technique, after that, you will be able to get yourself escaped from a tense situation, if your opponent (of heavyweight) tries to trap you from your back. 

Back control techniques

If your opponent is of huge size and has a heavyweight and he grabs you during a fight then if you utilize your back control techniques in that time it would help you to get secured from your attacker. Back control skills are really helpful in making your opponent immobilized, once you learn about the back control techniques you can apply any chock and any other skill of BJJ to knock down your opponent easily. So back control techniques are really important to learn. 

The great guillotine techniques

This technique named guillotine is basically executed when your opponent is not getting down on to the floor. So this technique is applied when the attacker is in a standing position, moving forward. To perform this technique you need to hold the neck of your opponent with both of your hands and then deliver a punch with pressure applied on the trachea or on the carotid artery of your opponent. So this chock is really helpful if your opponent is in a standing position and you want to knock him down on the floor. 

Nacked choke technique

The naked choke technique is the most useful and beneficial technique in a street fight, and they have more importance than any other chock or submissions. In the naked choke technique, the attacker is left with no option but all he/she can do is to tap or go to sleep. If you are caught up by your attacker in the naked choke technique it would be very difficult for you to get escaped. 

I hope in my blog you have learned about several BJJ skills which you must learn if you want to become a street fighter of the next level.

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