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Choosing the right type of boxing gloves is the foremost important thing you can do to improve your training. Choosing the right type of boxing gloves is not an easy job, if you are wearing the wrong type of gloves it’s like a stone in your shoe and it will definitely cause irritation, uncomfort and may also affect your performance. There are chances that if you get a pair of gloves from the market they don’t give you the proper fit, they may not be comfortable and they might not deliver what you are expecting. So it’s really important to have a survey on gloves first and then choose the right one which fulfills all of your requirements. So, if you are in search of getting the most comfortable gym outfits and other accessories I would suggest you shop it from elite sports. Elite sports boxing gloves are comfortable available in various sizes and styles and also they are available at cheap and affordable prices. 

How do I choose a pair of gloves?

While choosing the gloves make sure that they give you a proper fit with fingertips gazing at the top of the gloves. Just try them with hand wraps and make sure they would be easy to make a fist of 8 oz. 

How to choose the right type of gloves? 

There are various types of gloves that you can choose on the basis of the activity performed by them. Various types of gloves are listed below,

Training gloves

Training gloves are used basically for sparring and also for bag work. They are heavy enough to be used on hard bags and they are better able to absorb much shock. These are actually the type of everyday gloves that are used in your training sessions about 75 percent of the time. 

Bag gloves 

Bag gloves are basically used for punching bags and also for boxing pads. Bag gloves have less padding as compared to boxing gloves because boxing gloves require more padding due to the purpose of sparring and other training purposes. Besides that, if you are in search of buying suitable gym outfits or boxing accessories I would strongly recommend you shop it from elite sports. As elite sports simply don’t compromise on their quality instead their aim is to provide you top-quality products with immense durability. Similarly, elite sports boxing gloves are designed suitably for boxing and they are available in various sizes, they also provide you durability which lasts longer. 

Sparring gloves

Sparring gloves are basically designed with several molds in them and with various paddings. A pair of 16oz sparring gloves are used for its protective properties, the weight of the gloves is figured out from your body weight, it means the smaller you are the lesser is the weight of the gloves. 

Various types of boxing sports

Are you searching for boxing gloves for various sports? Like muay Thai, kickboxing, or  MMA? In today’s blog, I am describing several types of various gloves with different types and weights. 

Traditional boxing gloves 

 All boxing gloves are designed according to the style of boxing. You just can’t select one type of boxing glove for every style of boxing.

Muay Thai boxing gloves 

Muay Thai itself is a different kind of boxing and the glove used in muay Thai is also designed according to the nature of boxing and according to the several skills used in muay Thai. The boxer of muay Thai needs an advanced type of boxing gloves so if you want to get your gloves for muay Thai boxing must get the one which is made from Thailand because they manufacture gloves that are designed for operating various skills conducted in muay Thai boxing.

Several types of material used in the manufacturing of gloves

Boxing gloves are basically made from several types of materials some of them are mentioned below,


The boxing gloves made from this material are totally synthetic and the 2-inch strap used in them is usually made to give protection to your wrist. The outermost part is made up of vinyl and the inner lining is made from nylon. The thumb is tied and the foam has a grip bar.

Polyurethane leather.

Polyurethane leather is basically made up of thermoplastic polymer, so it is called artificial leather. This material is used in the manufacturing of various shoes and boxing gloves. It is known by a few names and it costs less than the original leather.

Original leather

The original leather is costly and expensive, as compared to all other leathers. This leather helps you to move your hands faster and are also much more durable, with extreme comfort. 

So my advice is to get the boxing gloves made up of leather, as they are more comfortable and durable, and yes of course it will help you a lot in knocking down your opponent. 

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