Benefits Of A Mouth Guard

Your smile brings out the real beauty in you. Anything that might happen to our lips, teeth or gums changes the complete structure of our face. Protecting them from any kind of damage is just as important as taking vaccines for any kind of disease. 

One such equipment that helps in the complete protection of our oral health is the MouthGuard. It protects the lips, teeth and gums from any sort of injury. It’s astonishing how a tiny thing like a mouthguard can have so many benefits in maintaining our oral health. Through this article, we will discuss the surprising benefits of a mouthguard and also highlight the way it is used. 

Sports Mouth Guard

What is Mouth Guard?

A mouthguard is a covering which is worn to protect the teeth and lips from injuries. When there is a direct blow on the jaw, our teeth can be cracked or broken, it may even lead to a cut on the lip and bleeding in the gums. To prevent such situations, a mouthguard proves to be a piece of wonder equipment. 

There are various types of mouth guards which are available for different purposes. The below mentioned are some of the types – 

  • The first kind of mouthguard is the most basic one, it is available almost everywhere and is very affordable. This is effective but only to an extent. Athletes are not recommended to use this type of mouth guard because it cannot withstand a direct blow to the jaw. 
  • The second kind is called the boil and bite mouthguard. As the name suggests, this mouthguard is made up of a material which is first to be boiled and then bitten on, the material will take the shape of your teeth and protect it to a greater extent.
  • The third and the best kind of mouthguard is the customised one. This is tailor-made for the person and is used by the athletes while boxing or playing sports like badminton. This has the ability to protect the entire jaw from any kind of injury. 
Mouth Guard

The Benefits of a MouthGuard

This wonder equipment alone can take care of our entire mouth when we are in the field to play or do other physical activities like boxing. Without this, our mouth might be exposed to various injuries and may even lead to the relocation of the jaw. A direct blow to the jaw can also cause brain injuries and lead to bursting of a vein. 

The following are the astonishing benefits of a mouthguard – 

  • Oral health-   This one is obvious and foremost. Oral health is just as important to maintain as the overall health. The mouthguard, by protecting our inner part of the mouth maintains our oral health and cuts out the chances of any injuries or inflammation. 
  • The Mouthguard also protects us from brain injuries. Not many of us know that a direct blow to the jaw can cause brain injuries and even a condition of temporary shock. 
  • If you have a tooth which has undergone a root canal or any sort of fixation, then a direct blow can worsen the situation of that tooth. It may even come out and break, as it is more sensitive than another tooth which is fixed naturally. A mouthguard will protect such a  tooth and avoid any breakage. 
  • For someone who wears braces, the situation may be worse than others. The braces might dislocate and cause bleeding in the gums. A mouthguard will act as armour in such a situation. It will avoid any such mishappening.
  • They also prevent snoring. Yes, this might be a usual fact but it is just as true as any other of its benefits. People who have a habit of snoring while sleeping can resort to mouth guards to get rid of the habit. 
  • It also prevents clenching of the teeth as excessive pressure on the tooth might make it chipped from the edges. Some people also have a habit of exerting too much pressure on the teeth while concentrating, a mouthguard can help in overcoming any consequences like chipping or cracking of the tooth. 
  • A mouthguard will protect your smile. This is the most it can do. A wide and bright smile can conquer anything. And a mouth guard prevents any such situation which might disrupt the structure of our mouth. 
How to Use Mouth Guard

How is it Used?

The usage of a mouth guard depends on which kind of mouthguard it is. If it is a basic one, it can be worn in an obvious way and can be cleaned regularly. One thing to keep in mind while using a basic mouthguard is to use the perfect size. Many sizes are available and you should choose the one which suits you the best. If you use a mouth guard which is loose or unfit, it may cause other problems which are totally uncalled for. 

If the mouthguard is a boil and bite one, you will have to heat it and bite on it to bring it to your shape and size. Just be careful when you do so as the size should be perfect.  

When it comes to the customized one, the usage is quite simple. It is already custom made and in the perfect size, so there are no worries in such a mouthguard. 

How To Use A Mouth Guard In Different Situations

The Bottom Line

A smile is the best thing one could wear to have a strong and influential impact. And anything that might happen to that smile is a blunder and should be avoided at all circumstances. 

For this purpose, mouthguards are the best way to rescue us from any such situation. It takes care of our overall oral health and gives us that million-dollar smile which could conquer the world. Now, after assessment of all these facts, we see well aware of the many benefits of mouthguards, the types of mouthguards available and how each one of them can be used. 

It’s better to take precaution and wear a mouthguard than landing ourselves into trouble. 

By Caitlyn

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