Ribonucleic and Deoxyribonucleic


Think of these two things as a flash drive that contains all your genetic information. The function of the DNA is to replicate and store your genetic data while the RNA converts the data stored by the DNA to produce and build proteins. The DNA is also responsible for the passing on of genetic information to new cells when cell division occurs. These two nucleic acids have strands with subunits that are called nucleotides. Arguably, DNA has been proven to be self-replicating while RNA replicates from the DNA when necessary.

These two concepts have undergone several research and have been put through several theories; this implies that new knowledge keeps surfacing. And, as a result, another set of scientists have argued that even though DNA and RNA work together, the latter does not need the former to survive or carry out its duties. Furthermore, another interesting take on the evolution of both acids suggests that RNA existed before DNA did. What this would mean is that life begins in an RNA world without the presence of DNA and proteins. Moving away from all the arguments, it is important to note that these nucleic acids are essential for life development and the continuous replication of genes.

What are RNA and DNA Complications?

As they are a part of the human system, it does not come as a surprise that these acids will be prone to complications or damages because of the fallible human body. And without nucleic acids, the human body can’t perform normal functions or even replace worn-out cells. In addition to this list, reproduction will therefore be impossible. All these are pointers to why the complications that occur with RNA and DNA can be serious.

The functions and structures of the DNA and RNA can be altered through the emission of radiation caused by inhaling radon (this emits from the natural decay of uranium that can be found in almost all soil types) and its decayed products. An increase in this inhalation can lead to a rise in a person’s risk of developing lung cancer. In simpler terms, DNA damages – and by extension, RNA damages – are a major, primary cause of cancer. Also, it has been discovered that RNA metabolism plays a vital role in the damaging and splitting of DNA. It can then be arguably said that the damages of these two acids work simultaneously. In addition, it is when these damages are not well managed that a person will suffer the risk of developing cancers. Apart from this, the breakdown of the RNA and DNA can increase the risk of premature aging.

How PEMF therapy stimulates the RNA and DNA

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a non-invasive and low-intensity ultrasound therapy that helps to increase cellular metabolism, restore damaged tissues, increase energy levels, and so on. The electromagnetic fields in this therapy have been discovered to have the capacity to penetrate internal organs to fully address the source of the problem. The cellular functions occur based on magnetism and electricity; therefore, PEMF therapy works with the body to increase these electrical activities and in turn, improve the general health of a person. Furthermore, this therapy improves communication among cells and has been regarded as an effective treatment for several types of tissue damage.

Although there is limited research on how PEMF therapy can directly lead to the stimulation of DNA and RNA, the complications surrounding these acids can be addressed by using this therapy to improve cellular metabolism which will, in turn, improve the functions of the DNA and RNA. It is important to note that the DNA and RNA are a part of the immune system; consequently, as the PEMF therapy also boosts the immune system, this can be another indirect way to repair the DNA and RNA damages.

As it has been established that premature aging can sometimes come with DNA and RNA damages, it has also been discovered that PEMF therapy can help to reduce the aging process, especially the skin aging, which comes with these damages. PEMF therapy, as opposed to surgical procedures, is a safer alternative to help rejuvenate the skin and also improve the overall health of the patient. This therapy reduces wrinkles, cellulite, and contours the skin. You can rest assured that this therapy comes with no side effects and has been regarded to be extremely safe by doctors and scientists. The electromagnetic fields are released into the skin and this allows for the stimulation of cellular activities.


DNA and RNA are the essential nucleic acids that work together to repair worn-out cells, aid reproduction and replication of genes, process proteins, and so on. They are the keepers of the body’s genetic information; this means that their importance cannot be overemphasized. But, these nucleic acids can get damaged due to complications with the RNA metabolism, inhalation of radon, malfunction of cells, amongst others. Even though these complications are serious, PEMF therapy has been regarded as an effective way to improve cellular metabolism. When cellular metabolism is improved, DNA and RNA can also be affected in positive ways. PEMF therapy has no side effects and if you have doubted, this is your sign to book an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options that include PEMF therapy as efficient treatment.

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