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Hospitals should always be ready to handle any medical situation. This is because emergencies are bound to happen at any time of the day and the best way to avoid any casualty is to stay prepared. One of the measures hospitals take in preparing for different situations is the purchase of medical devices that aid in tackling critical situations. 

Hospitals that give comprehensive treatment must be well equipped with good equipment. In most cases, they go extra mile to purchase them because they know the relevance in saving lives and ensuring speedy recovery for patients. Getting these devices from reputable stores like Masimo medical devices goes a long way in ensuring that patients receive the best medical care.

In this article, we have outlined some set of medical devices that hospitals need to render effective services to patients. Please read on as we explain more.

Medical Devices that Hospitals Should Have

The following are some medical devices that medical facilities should have:


This device is used in situations that are life threatening like tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmias. It is used to restore proper heart rhythm and this makes it very essential for hospitals as heart related emergencies are bound to happen at any time.

Anesthesia Machines

These machines are specially designed to continuously supply medical gases used to maintain a normal anesthesia level to a patient. These machines include extra tools like suction unit, ventilator, and patient-monitoring equipment.

Patient Monitors

These are sets of medical devices that keep good record of the condition of the patient as well as their state of health both during the surgical procedure and after it has been concluded. They are important for pediatric, adult and neonatal patients. Most people want to understand how these monitors are read so they can monitor the condition of their loved ones when they are in critical conditions. If you want to learn how to read a hospital monitor, you can check here:

ECG/ EKG Machines

These machines which take accurate record of the electrical performance of the heart within a period of time allow medical practitioners to monitor the heart’s rhythm and identify any malfunction.

Electrosurgical Units

This machine is used to coagulate, cut or alter tissue. It is used to reduce the flow of blood to different areas and increase the visibility during a surgical procedure. This unit is also important in minimizing the loss of blood and cauterizing during surgery.

Surgical Lights

These lights are a compulsory device in every surgical setting. They are used to illuminate the surgical rooms while surgeons perform their procedures.

How To Maintain Medical Devices

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The following are some tips to help you with the maintenance of these devices

Routine Checks

It is important to carry out routine checks to ensure that the device is functioning effectively. Routine checks are also necessary as they help you identify issues before they degenerate to faults. You can check out the manual for a list of parts to inspect.

Train Staff on Usage 

A good way to ensure that the machines are effectively utilized is to train staff on the usage and maintenance of these machines. This will give them good understanding of the machines and enable them to get the best out of them.

Replace Lubricants Regularly

Most medical machines require lubricants, and reagents for them to work properly. While lubricants are there to reduce the level of friction around the mobile parts, reagents on the other hand deliver results from diagnostic devices.

Turn off Device when Not in Use

When a device is not in use, the appropriate thing to do is to turn it off. Doing this does not only protect it from getting damaged as a result of power surge, it also helps in conserving power thereby increasing the life span. 

Sterilize Exposed Surfaces

There have been instances where exposed surfaces on diagnostic machines were reported to have given false results. This exposure sometimes affects the functionality of the machine and makes it to give results based on the readings on the surface. To avoid situations like this, it is recommended that you disinfect and sterilize exposed surfaces immediately after use. If you need a visual guide on how to sterilize these machines, you can check out this video.

These are some of the medical devices that are used to provide good medical care to patients. You can search the internet if you need more. 


The main motive of every hospital is to provide good medical care to their patients while making use of the physical and material resources at their disposal. We have outlined some of the medical devices available for use in hospitals and how they can be maintained to increase their life span.

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