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Are you someone who tends to drink sugary drinks instead of water? As you probably already know, the calories in sugary drinks add up quickly. For people who are trying to lose weight or be healthier overall, switching from high-calorie beverages to water can be a tall order.

The goal of this article is to teach you how to drink more water when you don’t like it. Remember, the switch is not something that will happen overnight. However, if you implement these methods along with a dash of dedication, you’ll be able to make the switch.

Because after all, the human body is made of mostly water, so no one can live to their fullest potential without proper hydration.

#1 Unlock the Magic of Lemons

One of the easiest ways to drink more water is to add a bit of lemon to it. Just a small squeeze of a lemon slice goes a long way when it comes to invigorating your drinking water. Better yet, lemons are full of nutrition while being low in calories.

There’s also thought that consuming lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body after being consumed. Which seems strange since lemons are acidic, right? Well, the way this happens is that the lemon water switches from acidic to alkaline after being digested.

Lastly, since lemons are packed with Vitamin C, you’ll be able to get your daily Vitamin C needs from a natural source rather than a beverage with ascorbic acid added to it.

#2 Use a Straw

There’s a reason that bars like when people use straws to drink their drinks. It’s that a straw makes a person drink their drink faster. For this reason, using a straw to sip your water will help you to drink more with each pull rather than sipping from the edge of the glass.

Plus, it’s best to use a straw when sipping lemon water to avoid damaging your teeth. Since lemon water is still acidic on the outside of the body, it can have a damaging effect on tooth enamel. Besides, even plain water will be easier to drink with a straw because you’ll be getting more each time you take a sip.

To get the most out of this method, make yourself a large glass of ice water and place it beside you. Before you know it, you’ll have taken down the entire glass with little effort through your straw. Lastly, there’s even the option to go a step further by choosing a straw that’s fun to use, such as one with a twist.

#3 Invest in a Water Filter

If the reason you don’t drink enough water is that you find the taste of your tap water disagreeable, then adding a water filter to your home is a solution. Plus, you’ll save money compared to buying bottled water, not to mention create a lot less plastic waste.

When choosing a water filter, they’re available in many different types. From water filter pitchers to under-sink water filters, you may feel bombarded at first. The key here is to not limit your selection to a basic water filter pitcher that only does half of the job.

Instead, consider a reverse osmosis system that removes all of the impurities from your drinking water. Then, go a step further by selecting a system that makes remineralized RO water. With this type of system, you’ll find that the remineralized water has a sweeter and more agreeable taste than most other filtered water.

#4 Taper Off

Instead of switching from your favorite beverages, such as soda, to water overnight, take baby steps by setting goals. For example, on day one, do your best to drink a single 8 oz glass of water and one less sugary drink. Then, see how you feel about it the next day.

If you feel as though you’re able to replace another sugary drink with a second glass of water, then make your move. By taking notes of your progress, you’ll be more motivated to continue along your journey until you completely replace sugary drinks with water.

Once you do reach the finish line, use your notes as a motivator to steer clear of sugary drinks. Also, setting goals and tracking your progress can be applied to tracking your weight loss. The fewer calories you take in from sugary drinks while maintaining the same diet will assuredly result in healthy weight loss.

The main takeaway here is to use your progress as a motivator to drink more water.

#5 Water Infusions

A quick and easy way to add some healthy flavor to your water is through infusion. Generally, your best bet is to invest in a reusable fruit infusion water bottle. This special type of bottle has a built-in infuser that allows you to add fruits to your water.

There are literally limitless fruit-infused water ideas. You have the option to use citrus fruits, berries, tree fruits, herbs, and even melons. Don’t be afraid to experiment to discover which infusions you like the most.

Also, if you prefer to avoid cutting up fruit to infuse your water, there are products available at your local supermarket for cold water infusions. These products are similar to tea bags, but they contain dried herbs and fruits. Just follow the instructions on the box to get your desired strength and flavor.


There are plenty of ways to drink more water when you don’t like it. First, it’s wise to start with adding fruits to your water to give it some flavor. As you progress, use less fruit until you get to a point where you need minimal or zero flavor to enjoy your water.

Also, don’t forget about the power of using a straw. A straw is one of the quickest and simplest tools to drink more water. Lastly, you might want to invest in a reusable double-wall water bottle to carry with you everywhere you go. Just add some ice, and this type of bottle will keep your water ice-cold all day long.

By Caitlyn

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