It is an unfortunate fact that practically everyone will have to deal with at least a few age-related blemishes over the years. While those imperfections typically aren’t harmful, many people believe them to be very unsightly. If you are ready to erase facial blemishes and rejuvenate your appearance, then you might be the perfect candidate for facelift surgery. That operation is carried out hundreds of thousands of times a year, and it continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. 

When to Consider a Facelift

There are many different reasons why patients undergo this cutting-edge operation. One of the biggest benefits of facelift surgery is the fact that it can address multiple imperfections at once. Instead of undergoing a variety of procedures, you can completely refresh your appearance during a single operation. Facelifts can also produce long-term results, and the average patient is going to enjoy their youthful new look for 10 years or longer.

While this procedure is safer and more effective than ever, it is still important for patients to understand that it is an invasive operation. If you want to avoid unnecessary complications, then you must continue to protect your skin from harsh UV rays. You will also need to speak with your surgeon about any health issues that could impact the results. That being said, the vast majority of patients are going to make excellent candidates as long as they are relatively healthy and have realistic expectations. 

Your First Consultation With Dr. Todd A. Pollock

After you have carried out some research on your own, you will then need to schedule your first consultation with Todd A. Pollock MD, FACS. That first meeting is going to be very important because it will give you the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals and ask any questions that you might have. Your surgeon will also need to take a very close look at your medical history to ensure that you are healthy enough for this operation. If you decide that a facelift is right for you, then you will be given further instructions for the weeks leading up to your procedure.

Treating Age-Related Blemishes

The facelift procedure can be used to address a few different cosmetic problems throughout the upper half of the face. Many people undergo this procedure because they are tired of fine lines around the eyes. This operation is also a good option for getting rid of deep wrinkles throughout the forehead or along the sides of the nose. As a general rule, a facelift is going to restore your youthful beauty by minimizing or completely eradicating imperfections around the cheeks, eyes, nose, and forehead. This operation can also be combined with a brow lift, neck lift, or any other number of procedures. 

A Look at the Results

Before you are able to enjoy the results, you will need to recover at home for at least a few days. While you should be able to walk around and carry out light chores within two or three days, the inflammation and discoloration might not disappear for two or three weeks. You will also need to refrain from all strenuous activities until the incisions have fully healed. By the sixth week, the average patient is cleared by the surgeon, and that means they can resume all activities. To preserve the results, you must protect your skin from UV damage and try to remain as healthy as possible. 

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