Laser Eye Treatment

LASIK received FDA approval in 1999 and has since become a very popular technique for correcting impaired vision, allowing millions of people to see more clearly. There’s no better time than now to arrange a LASIK eye surgery consultation and learn more about the process if you’re interested in it.

Do you want to know if you’re a good candidate for LASIK before you schedule your consultation?

1. At Least 18 Years Old

Candidates need to be at least 18 years old for a LASIK surgery. It is because you’re constantly growing, and your vision may be altering before then. Hormonal changes occur as you mature and enter puberty, and these changes can impact your eyes and vision. 

If you get LASIK surgery before your eyes have stabilized, your vision may continue to shift following the procedure.

2. Stable Vision Prescriptions

Even if you’re beyond the age of 18, your prescription may change. If you want your LASIK procedure to be as efficient as possible, you must have stable prescriptions.

Before getting LASIK, most surgeons recommend that you have a stable prescription for one to two years.

3. Good Overall Health

Your general health may influence your eligibility for LASIK eye surgery. You may not be a good candidate for LASIK if you have diabetes or certain autoimmune illnesses. Also, the surgery might not work if you have some specific eye issues. 

LASIK surgery might be difficult or even harmful for people who have cataracts or glaucoma. Your eye doctor will consider all options and determine whether you are eligible for LASIK surgery due to any pre-existing health conditions.

If you have one of these disorders, you might be a better candidate for PRK or another vision correction operation.

4. Do You Suffer From Dry Eyes?

If you have dry eye syndrome or a record of dry eye, recuperating from LASIK surgery may be challenging. However, if you suffer from dry eyes, LASIK may still be an option for you. Dry eye testing is included in the pre-LASIK examination. 

If you’re prone to dry eye, your doctor may suggest treatment options so you can get LASIK once your problems are under control. This can be as simple as taking vitamin supplements and utilizing artificial tears.

5. Your Prescription Is Within Reasonable Boundaries

LASIK can correct your vision to a specific extent. Nearsighted people are the ideal candidates for LASIK. It also works for patients with astigmatism and farsightedness.

Generally, LASIK can cure nearsightedness by -11 diopters, farsightedness by +5 diopters, and astigmatism by 5 diopters. If your prescription exceeds these restrictions, you may want to seek a different technique to get remarkable outcomes.

Final Thought

Other variables that make you a good candidate are challenging to assess independently. The thickness of your cornea is a significant component in LASIK eligibility. Your surgeon won’t be able to construct a corneal flap if your cornea isn’t thick enough.

Because of these considerations, it’s always a good idea to schedule a LASIK consultation to see if you’re a good candidate.

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