Eye Exercises

While there is limited research available to determine just how effective eye exercises are, countless individuals serve as solid evidence that exercises can enhance vision. However, the specifics of your sight are also a crucial deciding factor. Individuals with medical conditions that result in low vision and blindness might not be able to benefit much from eye exercises, as low vision aids are a far more effective solution to enhance your ability to see better. 

On the other hand, individuals with more subtle vision complaints can benefit from eye exercises. Because these exercises really can’t do any harm, it is worth trying for anyone with vision restrictions. With that said, here are some common vision exercises claimed to effectively strengthen eyesight for numerous children and adults around the world. 

The 20-20-20 Practice

Because digital eye strain can be exceptionally taxing on anyone’s eyesight, focusing on screens for prolonged periods has become quite a problem in the digital era. Most of us spend ample time with screens close to our eyes, and smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computer screens are the most significant issue in this case. However, the 20-20-20 Practice is a great exercise that suggests you should leave your screen every twenty minutes to look at anything distanced at least twenty feet away for no less than twenty seconds. This exercise will help your eyes get a bit of a break and focus on something further away.

Changing Your Focus

The exercise of changing your focus will also assist with digital eye strain. Simply hold your finger just a few inches away from one of your eyes, hold your gaze on it, slowly move your finger further back away from your face. Now focus your gaze on an item distanced further away and change focus from the item back to your finger. Then bring your finger back to your face and change your gaze from your finger to the object distanced further away. You must repeat this exercise at least three times.

Figure Eight

To practice the figure eight exercise, you must focus on any floor area around eight feet away and then move your eyes in that area in the shape of figure eight. Trace the image with your gaze for thirty seconds and then switch direction. Repeat at least three times. This exercise will also assist with digital eye strain by improving vision strength.

There are several other easy-to-do eye exercises that you can do at any point of the day when your eyes start to feel strained and when you would like to enhance your vision strength. Many optometrists recommend these eye exercises for children who experience poor vision. And there is also reason to believe that these exercises will assist with lazy eye syndrome and eyesight deterioration. In addition to eye exercises, there are also other ways to protect your vision, such as wearing sunglasses while outside, investing in prescription lenses if necessary, and using eye drops to assist with dry eye from strain. 

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