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In the fast-paced world where people want to do things in a rush and in the easiest way possible, the market for hair accessories are becoming popular. Hair extensions, for one, are the favourite go to accessories of many people. It comes in various types depending upon the wearer. It also comes in different lengths, colors and styles.

If you have short hair and you want to transform your look, then hair extension is the key. You can easily do it without the need to wait for your hair to grow. To guide you better, we’ll talk about Glue in Extensions for Short Hair – Everything You Need to Know about it in this article.

What are Glue In Hair Extensions?

Sporting a different hairstyle especially when you have short hair is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, glue in hair extensions will come to the rescue if you hate waiting and you want to get things done immediately. This extension will help you add length and volume to your hair wherein it will be attached to it using a glue.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost that you will incur depends on your preferences. Of course, your allocated budget will also determine the cost because there are several types of glue in extensions. It comes in different brands and prices offered by each brand may vary. 

You can go for high quality brands or else settle in what you can just afford. But you must not equate affordable products to low quality because there are many affordable extensions but can still level with the expensive ones. Making comparison and reading reviews can help you with this.

Where To Buy Glue In Extensions?

It is made readily available both in physical and online stores. Before purchasing extensions online, make it a habit to read feedback from their existing customers so you will know if they can be the best choice. You can take your time, there are still lots of stores offering these extensions.

What Is The Best Way To Attach It?

You can always opt to do it yourself but you need to have an assurance that you can actually do it. You should assess yourself if doing it alone will lead to good results. If not, then you better seek the assistance of hair professionals to assist you on this. 

With their help, you can be sure that it will be done properly. Bear in mind that the installation process will play a big part in making sure that it will last longer. Not doing it the right way may result in regrets. Worst thing about not attaching it properly is that it can result in damage to your hair.

How To Maintain It?

After attaching it to your hair, do your part in taking care of it. Do not be confident that it is already done just because you have seen it beautifully enhancing how your hair looked. After-care is of utmost importance.

  • Brushing – When brushing, do not brush it like the way you used to do it or else you will wake up one day losing the strands. Use appropriate brushing tools and brush it slowly in order not to pull off the extension. Remember, these are only attached using a glue. Be gentle in brushing it in order not to put pressure to your hair.
  • Washing – Choose high quality hair products and learn the proper way of washing it. You must also check the labels of the products you are using to ensure it will not pose risk to your extensions and also to your natural hair. Going into circular motion around your hair is big NO because it may tangle it and make it difficult for you to return it to its normal condition.
  • Sleeping With Extensions – Always make it a habit to brush your hair before going to sleep so that even when you are sleeping, they are still in place. Braiding and tying it is also advised. Feeling uncomfortable with it is normal especially if this is your first time. Do not worry about it because eventually, you will get used to it.

How Long Will It Last?

This is dependent on how you took care of your glue in extensions. If you did not give it the care that it needs, then you cannot expect it to stay there for a long time. Take care of it as if it is your natural hair. Take extra precaution when combing it and as much as possible do not comb directly to where the glue was attached or else it will loosen up and end up being detached. 

You can also seek advice from hair professionals if they can recommend any product that you can use. This way, you will be at ease that you are using the right products. You can expect this extension to last months if it received good maintenance.

How To Remove Glue In Extensions?

If you have decided to remove it after wearing it for some time, you have to carefully remove it without pulling off your natural hair together with it. If you decide to do it yourself, purchase trusted glue remover products and do it slowly so your natural hair won’t be included. If you are not confident that you can do this, let trusted professionals remove it for you.


Gone were the days when you still need to let your hair grow to your desired length before you can style it. Everything is made easy by hair extensions. The waiting game is cancelled. You can immediately hop into a trend. 

Short hair? No problem. Thanks to hair extensions. You will no longer find yourself having a hard time styling your hair may it be during a casual day or when attending an important occasion where you need to spice your look a bit. I hope this article on Glue in Extensions for Short Hair– Everything You Need to Know about it will help you in your hair styling needs.

Bio:Rosie is content manager at Michair Company – one of the most famous wholesale human hair companies in Vietnam. She has worked in the hair extensions industry for 6 years and has published many articles at Michair.vn. It is experienced enough for her to be able to help you with hair and hair extensions problems. She always has in her mind that hair extensions are not only work, but also passion. Beautiful hair is the most solid crown for a woman. Rosie wants to share her knowledge, tips, latest trends about hair to more people so that every woman has a beautiful crown.

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