Scarless Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is carried out tens of thousands of times every year, and that popular cosmetic procedure is the ideal treatment option for nose abnormalities. Unfortunately, traditional rhinoplasties can also produce some visible scarring and result in lengthy recovery times. If you would like to alter the size or shape of your nose but don’t want to worry about noticeable scarring or a long recovery, then you might be the perfect candidate for a scarless rhinoplasty procedure. During that operation, your surgeon will be able to sculpt and adjust your nose without making any major incisions on the outside of your face. When this procedure is carried out by a skilled surgeon, it can result in major improvements to a patient’s facial symmetry with a much lower risk of secondary complications. 

Advantages of This Technique

During a traditional rhinoplasty operation, the surgeon will make one or two incisions along the outer creases of the nose. While the scars from those incisions usually fade away over time, some patients are left with unwanted scar tissue. The biggest benefit of the scarless technique is the fact that no incisions are made in visible areas. Instead, the surgeon can make one or more small incisions on the inside of the nose before they adjust the cartilage and soft tissue. Even though that technique isn’t ideal in every situation, it is generally an excellent option for anyone who has a crooked nose, excessive tip projection, or an enlarged nasal bump. 

Is the Recovery Any Different?

Patients will be glad to hear that recovering from this type of procedure is typically a quick and safe process, and most people can resume everyday activities within just a few days. While you are going to have some discoloration and sensitivity around the treatment site, you won’t have to worry about spending weeks in bed. The scarless technique doesn’t require any major changes to the columella, and that means less nasal tissue is going to be damaged. As long as you follow all of the surgeon’s instructions and aren’t struggling with any post-op complications, you should fully recover from this cutting-edge form of rhinoplasty surgery within three or four weeks. 

Maintaining the Results

You are probably going to notice distinct improvements to your nose almost immediately, but your face is still going to age as the years go by. That being said, the results should last for quite some time, and simple touch-up procedures will allow you to maintain the well-balanced appearance of your nose. You also have the option of combining your rhinoplasty operation with additional non-surgical treatments to further enhance your natural beauty. Some patients decide to combine this operation with facelifts, laser peels, chemical peels, augmentation procedures, and many other advanced cosmetic treatments. 

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