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If you have dentures, they must stay intact for you to be able to benefit from them in their entirety. If yours has recently broken or been damaged in some way, it is important you contact your dental technician to organize a repair rather than trying to tackle the task yourself. Here are all the reasons why you should leave your denture repairs up to the professionals.

How do dentures break?

Dentures can fall victim to damage via many means. While they are designed to be exceptionally tough and durable, they are exposed to varying temperatures, constant movement and force from chewing, making them susceptible to damage over time. Some of the more common causes include accidentally dropping them, improper care, jaw bone deterioration which can alter their placement in the mouth, placing more pressure on them.

The most common way people try to fix their dentures on their own

The most common way people try to fix their dentures on their own is by using glue to stick them back together. Others stop wearing them altogether. Both are not ideal solutions.

Why fixing dentures yourself is a bad idea

As mentioned, most attempt to fix their dentures with glue when they break and a lot of glues have solvents in them and once they have adhered to the dentures it can cause distorting and shrinking. Not only that, many types of glue contain harmful and abrasive ingredients that shouldn’t be placed anywhere near the mouth, let alone in their almost permanently. Some glues can cause mouth sores and irritation and if ingested, can cause serious health problems. If you don’t align your dentures back together precisely and you cannot readjust them due to the strong grip of the glue, this can also cause mouth sores and irritation. If the glue has hardened before you’ve had a chance to wipe it off, it can be visible when you smile, making your teeth appear fake when they once didn’t. Another thing to consider when deciding whether to fix your dentures yourself or not is that if you do use glue on your dentures and you end up needing them professionally repaired, the glue may cause irreversible damage or, the glue may not be able to be removed and you’ll have to buy an entirely new set.

What about DIY denture kits you can purchase online?

Most often denture repair kits are used as a temporary solution and the glue included isn’t designed for long term use. While you could use these, getting your dental technician to repair them ensures you get a quality long-lasting result that isn’t going to compromise the functionality of your dentures.

It is simply not worth risking your health, the comfort of your mouth and your time trying to DIY your broken dentures.

What should you do if your dentures break?

If your dentures are broken in any way, even minor, you should give your dental technician a call straight away. Most have laboratories on-site, and they will be able to fit you in soon as possible for an emergency visit. This means that they can fix it fast, ensuring you aren’t without your beautiful smile. Even if your dentures need to be replaced altogether, your technician can make temporary repairs so you can wear them in the meantime, making sure you can still eat all the foods you enjoy comfortably while you wait for your new set.

How to prevent your dentures from breakages

Sometimes you can’t prevent breakages from happening regardless of how careful you are, for example, accidentally dropping them, however, you can take some steps to keep them in good condition and prevent the likelihood of them getting damaged, such as:

  1. Make sure you are sticking to the recommendations of your dental technician in regards to the cleaning process you should be following. Using abrasive kinds of toothpaste and brushes not suitable for dentures can cause damage.
  2. Always store your dentures in a safe location that is out of reach for children and pets.
  3. Ensure you put your dentures in an appropriate denture solution or water when not in use.
  4. Sitting down at a table or leaning over a sink to place in your dentures can reduce the risk of them breaking from dropping from a height.
  5. Insert dentures with clean, dry hands.

I’m prone to breaking my dentures, is there a simpler way?

While dentures alone are a great solution, there are other alternative ways you can wear them so, they are more secure in your mouth. Dental anchors paired with dentures is a great option for those who experience slipping. Four anchors are permanently inserted into the gums, and the dentures secure onto these providing a sturdy grip. Slipping can be drastically reduced with these.

Leave your denture repairs up to the professionals

We hope this post has convinced you to leave your denture repairs up to the professionals. While it may seem easier at the time trying to fix your dentures yourself, it can actually be more time consuming and costly in the long run. So get in contact with your Denture Repair expert today!

Here at Denture Care Professionals Australia, we offer a same day service so if anything unforeseen happens with your dentures and you need our professional technician to fix them, no appointment is needed! Come in and we will fix them straight away for you!

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how you should give your dental technician a call straight away if you dentures are broken in any way, even minor. A part of my denture snapped earlier and it made me unable to wear it. I cannot chew property without it, so I should ask for denture repairs as soon as possible.

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