Worst Foods

Did you know that some foods affect dentures and teeth? After years of research and scientific proof, many people think that we shouldn’t eat too many specific snacks if we want to have a bright smile.

Don’t miss the foods on this list, which will help you show off your best smile without taking any risks. Many are sure to surprise you!


Coffee has tannins, which are acid polyphenols that can stain our teeth and change their colour. It is also a very acidic drink that changes the pH balance of our mouths, making the acidic foods affect us more.

The candies

Yes, those feared but also irresistible sweets! They have a lot of sugar, which bacteria love to eat. When bacteria eat sugar, they make acids that hurt our teeth. They also make teeth look darker and are usually the cause of cavities. Please get rid of them or eat them in moderation!

Blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranates.

These fruits have a lot of antioxidants, which is a good thing, but they also have a lot of colors, which can stain our teeth over time.

Citrus and foods that are sour.

This group of foods, which includes lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and tomatoes, can make our teeth look yellow. Because they are very acidic, they can wear away the enamel and make the dentin (the layer under the enamel) more exposed to the acids we eat, damaging our teeth irreparably.

Red wine

Who can say no to a good glass of red wine? One of the things that make greyish shadows on our teeth is wine. It has tannins like coffee and tea but also prevents cavities from forming. The bad thing about red wine is that drinking it daily can stain your teeth or denture’s grey colour, which is harder to get rid of than yellow stains. We all know that red wine is sour for our teeth in the long run and stains our teeth while we drink it. Even though this effect doesn’t last long (the colour stays on your teeth until you brush them), it can make your teeth look bad.


All kinds of vinegar and all the foods we know are marinated in vinegar (like gherkins, garlic, onions, and carrots, also called “pickles”). Due to its high acid content or drinking too much of it can damage the tooth or denture enamel in a way that The dentist can’t fix.


The drink. Both coffee and tea have tannins, so switching from tea to coffee won’t eliminate the stains on our teeth and dentures. To stop this from happening, you should buy high-quality teas. So, if you put milk in the cup, the tea won’t stain your teeth as much as it would have.

The dried fruit. 

They are indeed good for our health in many ways, but we can’t say the same about how they affect our teeth and dentures. They have a lot of sugar, making it easy for them to stick to our teeth and cause cavities.

Sugary soft drinks

The same things happen to your body when you drink sugary drinks as when you eat sugary foods. They also feed the bacteria in your mouth, which causes acids that are bad for your teeth to form. If you can’t stay away from soft drinks, choose ones that are light or don’t have sugar. Your teeth will thank you.

If you couldn’t help yourself and ate it, here are some tips!

  • Your teeth or dentures will be better protected if you drink coffee, tea, or soft drinks through a straw.
  • If we eat any of the foods on the list above, the best thing we can do to fix the damage they do to our teeth or dentures is to brush them afterwards.
  • If you don’t keep sugary drinks in your mouth for a long time, your teeth and dentures won’t be exposed to their acids longer than they need to be.
  • If we want to eat any of the above foods, we must mix them with other healthy foods, like meat, cheese, bread, etc., whose acids cancel out the acids.

By Caitlyn

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