We are all aware that eating healthy food is an essential part of your diet,  foods rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables, protein, wholegrains and adequate water are recommended. A healthy diet  helps maintain organ functions and prevents illness. Healthy eating also provides you with a sufficient amount of various vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and many more. 

If you suffer from incontinence, poor eating or drinking habits could result in a severe outcome regarding your bladder functionality. Food and drinks contain caffeine, spicy, acidic, and are high in sugar could trigger incontinence and a best kept to a minimum,. 

A List of food and drinks to avoid should you suffer from Incontinence.

What you eat and drink has a direct impact on your bowels and bladders and this becomes more prevalent as we age. Avoid food and drinks that are recognized to impact the bladder directly, such as : 

  • Caffeine beverages 
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Spicy food
  • Honey
  • Sugary food or drinks and or artificial sugar
  • Tomato based products 
  • Acidic fruits or drinks

Many of these foods can contribute to  your incontinence or bladder conditions. Although this is not a full-scale list, It does serve as a ‘good to know’ list regarding what you should limit on a daily basis and be aware of a particular food you are consuming that could trigger incontinence. The above foods may impact differently from one person to another and we recommend you seek out a dietitian for additional guidance. This does serve as a simple guide to raise awareness of what foods to avoid should you have this condition.


Incontinence is a condition where the body has lack of control over urination or defecation. In general, this condition is more associated with the elderly and is more prevalent with women than with men. 

Incontinence is not life threatening, however it could impact psychologically on a person, limiting their daily activities. People with this condition should seek medical advice and visit their GP. Many people are often embarrassed, and Incontinence directly disturbs a person’s daily schedule, social life including their psychological wellbeing and self esteem.  

There are 4 types of Incontinence, listed below : 

  1. Stress Incontinence
  2. Urge Incontinence
  3. Overflow Incontinence
  4. Total Incontinence

It is advised that Incontinence needs to be managed as soon as possible to prevent complications or suffering from a more severe underlying condition. Please contact your Doctor immediately if you suffering as below symptoms : 

  • One of the body part is limp
  • The body part feels tingling
  • Walking issue
  • Speaking disorder
  • Blurry vision
  • Lacking of control over defecation
  • Conscious reduction

Incontinence risk may be triggered by several factors :

  • Elderly – when we’re getting older  urethra and bladder muscles become weaker. 
  • Women – More women suffer from Incontinence than men. It can occur during pregnancy, giving birth, and menopause
  • Genetic – The risk is bigger if one of the family has suffered from Incontinence
  • Smoking – Tobacco can increase Incontinence risk. A smoker would have a greater prevalence from suffer with incontinence
  • Womb removal, this surgical procedure can lead to incontinence
  • Prostate cancer treatment
  • Anti Hypertension drugs, sedative, and heart medication 


Most important recommendation to prevent Incontinence is to have a healthy lifestyle and engage in healthy practices on a daily basis. Few applicable steps such as : 

  • Losing body weight if you’re overweight
  • Consuming foods contains high fiber to prevent constipation
  • Avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol consumption 
  • Quit smoking 
  • Exercise regularly

PRODUCTS TO HELP PEOPLE WITH INCONTINENCE :- There are many products on the market to assist people suffering from this medical condition. Holistic Incontinence has a range of products to help people suffering from incontinence so people with this condition can lead a normal life.

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