Your Workplace and Health

Most people spend the majority of their time at work, travelling to, or thinking about their job. Not something that most people give much thought to as it happens and who can blame them? If though, like most people, you look after your home, keep it clean and tidy and you ensure that it’s a ‘risk-free’ place to be yet, you’re only there for a small proportion of your day, can the same be said for your workplace?

Workplace Health is a big deal, It’s the whole thing of ‘leading by example’ again, it’s what ‘leaders’ look for within their workforce when creating or changing their management teams.

Hand in Hand 

Even though your average household is only living in their home for less time than a part-time job, it’s pretty standard practice to keep the area that they live in clean, tidy and risk-free. For the majority of people, it’s something that’s done as part of and course of having your own space to live in really, hand in hand you might say, after all, who wants to live in a dangerous network of mess? 

With that said, considering the ratio of time spent at work when compared to actually being in your home, it should stand to reason that you spend more time cleaning, tidying and ensuring health and safety in the workplace as you do in your home. If you’re thinking the idea kind of makes sense but, you’re not paid to be cleaner or a health and safety consultant, then you’re not alone, for most, the default mindset is, ‘it’s somebody else’s job’.

Lead by Example 

No matter which job role you are in, everybody can, and should make a decision to lead by example, it’s one of the best ways to get others to get involved and ensure that the place they spend most of their time is as clean/safer, or more so, than their homes. It might feel a bit alien to begin with, if doing something you wouldn’t normally do puts you out of your comfort zone, however, nobody ever got anywhere but simply doing nothing.


You might be one of the minor few however, if like many a person, you see your job as a career, something that you’d like to progress within and build upon then this could be a really good opportunity to show those who matter just how adaptable you can be. 

As the name goes, they look for leaders, people who take the lead and aren’t afraid to do so, regardless of what others might think, or do for that matter. If career progression is something that drives you forward each day, then, try and take the same kind of attitude when it comes to the care of your workplace health. There’s an old cliché there somewhere, something like, look after your… and your… will look after you.  

Never Expect Anybody to Do Something You Wouldn’t Do Yourself

And, finally, try to keep this in mind next time you have a ‘it’s somebody else’s job’ moment. Oh, it’s alright, somebody else will clean that up, as you leave a mess in the loo, maybe but, would you if the boot was on the other foot? The point is, do your bit and it won’t go completely unnoticed and, people will start to follow the leader.

By Caitlyn