Preserve your Mental Health

It was once never spoken about, but now mental health is a topic that is fully ingrained in the news. The whole world is told about it, and most of us understand it.

It would be fair to say that there are some at-risk groups when it comes to this condition. Older people are always associated with physical illnesses, but countless sources have revealed that their mental health can start to decline as well.

In some ways, this is part of the aging process. In others, it is possible to do something about it and eradicate the woes that can blight us as we start to get a little older. Today’s post will now round-up four tips that focus on this and show how you can preserve your mental health as much as you can be as you get older.

Make sure that money is not part of your concerns 

Some people call it just a bit of paper, but for others money is something that dominates their life. This isn’t because of greed; it is because of the concerns about eventually running out of it

Buckling up for a retirement plan earlier is always a better idea than being late and regretting at the time when it’s the time to relax. These are some important questions you need to ask yourself to have mental peace for the future :

  • How much income will I have when I do retire?
  • What will my new expenses be?
  • Based on the above, is there a deficit?
  • Do I need some good investments?
  • How much return would I need from my investments?
  • Will my savings be enough?
  • How much savings would I need?

If you can ask yourself the above in good time, you can approach your latter years with a plan to ensure that finances are not going to blight your mental health. While growing up we ignore savings which plays a very vital role later or at any point of crisis. Retirement is a phase where you need a pre-planned blueprint to have a  tension free and relaxed enjoyment time with family.

But we need to understand that running for earning should not make us lose our mental peace. Later in life these steps taken now can result in a lot of problems. Yes, money is important but only when you are healthy enough to enjoy it.

It is crucial to keep contact 

It’s something that we are all guilty of, but as we grow older a lot of us start to lose contact with people. This might be because we are just lazy or, unfortunately, because people start to pass away. As growing up we get so busy in our daily lives that we eventually forget to have daily interactions with our loved ones. We can’t ignore the fact that talking and sharing help us release mental pressure very easily and conveniently. Spending time with family and friends always helps our mind to stay healthy and happy.

Granted, you don’t have control in all scenarios, but try and keep as close to your social circles as you possibly can. You will have more time to fill, and social interaction is one way to dispel the threat of mental health concerns. Talking out and sharing problems is the best way to keep your mind away from any type of burden that may eat you up and destroy your mental health. 

There is no shame in telling your closed ones how you feel about something. They will always help you get out of the situation very easily. Silence within can harm you a lot more than one can imagine.

Keep stimulating your mind

Once upon a time this would have sounded ridiculous. But now, science and technology together have created games that help your mind get smarter and healthier. Sometimes the simplest things help more than any of the elements around, these games not only makes your brain engage itself but also helps in getting the power of quick thinking, taking calmer decisions, having a healthy mindset, etc.

Every muscle of our body needs exercise, these games help our brain muscles with the required exercise to make it fit and healthy. In the long run a healthy mind helps us against many problems that an unhealthy mind can go through.

Some of these games might be accessible through a smartphone, while others might be more traditional and accessed via a board game. Every age group needs some brain exercise to have a wiser mind, thus these games are available in all possible forms to be used easily. It keeps your mind stimulated, as these games have been found to keep your brain in optimum shape.

Physical exercise still matters

Today might be about mental health, but your physical condition plays into this. It has been found that staying active can relieve mental health symptoms. Staying physically fit not only helps us create a good body shape but also keeps us away from a lot of diseases. Doing physical exercises or any activity helps the better circulation of oxygen in our brain which makes us feel fresh and active all day long. 

Our body is a unique form of mechanism which needs different ways of lubrication and movements. Here active physical exercises are the movements that keep us from getting rusted, and meditation and hydration are the lubricants for our mind to work better. So even when one gets older it is very important to indulge themselves in any active exercise to be healthy for a longer time.

We won’t be able to participate in as much activity as in our younger days, but this is beside the point. You should be striving to perform a moderate amount of exercise to keep your body, and ultimately your brain, ticking over. Ignoring the importance of physical activity can make one regret in the long run, as no exercise leads to an unhealthy body with a lot of diseases, which will be very painful when we get older. 


Growing up takes us away from a relaxed lifestyle to a very hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, we forget that how we should be living our lives and thinking for the betterment of the future to just give it all to our present. Making money right now is not more important than saving it for retirement, doing work all day long and being busy is not more important than actually spending time with your loved ones and having no time for physical activities is not more important than having a healthy workout session.

While growing up we just don’t realize how badly we destroy our mental health, how easily we destroy our futures although we are working for a better one. It is very important to understand that healthy and wise actions keep us mentally and physically fit for the long run.

By Caitlyn

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