Numb your Skin Naturally

One of the primary reasons why people numb their skin is to relieve the current pain they feel. During certain cosmetic injectable procedures, a specialist may numb you to remove any discomfort. Always use a leading specialist for this type of work. While on medical treatments, dulling your skin is to anticipate any future pain associated with skin treatments or other medical procedures.

Temporary numbing of skin comes in various reasons, including skin injury, dermatitis, sunburn, or skin treatments. There are different processes on how to numb your skin, either by using medications or with natural numbing agents to help you tolerate pain due to certain factors. Your physician must recommend pain controls and numbing agents, and it should be FDA-approved.

Cosmetic procedures, including tattoos, hair removal, or ear piercing, use numbing agents to prepare your skin for any pain associated with these procedures. While medical treatments such as having stitches close to a previous wound or before dermabrasion, a skin surface treatment, also requires temporary skin numbness. 

Individual preferences, medical procedures, cosmetic treatments, or injury are factors to consider when numbing the skin. While using numbing creams is the most popular and seamless process to do, you may want to consider other effective ways to find when it comes to skin numbing.  

Why Do You Need To Numb Your Skin

There are a few reasons people numb their skin though the major goal is to relieve current pain or prepare the skin for medical procedures. Pain relief from certain skin injury elements allows you to tolerate pain and deal with the injured area properly. 

If you need medical procedures, your physician may require numbing certain skin areas where the system will take place. Whether you’ll get stitches or cosmetic procedures, it’s important to consider the numbing process to prepare yourself for the treatment. 

A medical practitioner may require you to follow a few helpful guidelines to prepare your skin before the procedure. However, if you are using home remedy devices, for example, for hair removal, numbing agents are a good option. It will help you manage the stinging pain from laser devices. It’s still an individual preference to use numbing agents or natural remedies. 

5 Effective Methods To Numb Your Skin

There are five effective methods to numb your skin, and all come with precautions, individual preferences, or health care procedure protocols. 

  • Cold Compress

Using cold compress helps numb your skin naturally. Ice packs are great remedies for minor skin injuries such as sunburn and at-home hair treatments. Ice is used to numb the skin before when you undergo ear piercing.

  • Patting

For short-term numbing effects, patting on a certain area of your skin works effectively. It’s the same process when you will have a shot or something to inject in your body without local anesthesia. Repeatedly patting skin sharply can provide a temporary numbing effect. 

  • Natural Remedies

Soothing your skin from natural agents is also an excellent and effective method. It includes soothing gels such as those made from aloe vera (aloe vera leaves), clove oil, chamomile (essential oils), and plantain (fresh poultice). 

All of the natural agents help soothe, relieve, or help skin injury or inflammation and are widely known and used across the globe. Checking for the best at-home remedy suitable for the pain level allows you to relieve current pain situations. 

  • Local Anesthetics

Local anesthetics that are FDA-approved or recommended by your attending physician may be recommended, if you undergo medical procedures or cosmetic surgeries. There are over-the-counter local numbing products suitable for home use. 

While you can purchase them at any pharmacy near you, precautions with handling medication are vital. You need to check if you have a sensitivity to drugs and discuss this with your physician/dermatologist. 

Some of the most popular over-the-counter medications for numbing skin are lidocaine and benzocaine. However, as mentioned, check skin allergy conditions before taking any medicines. 

  • Medications/ Pain Control

Pain controls or medications are recommended based on pain from the medical or cosmetic surgery you’ll be involved with. Though there are reliable over-the-counter- medicines, check with your doctor which one you should use, duration of usage, or process of application for efficiency and total comfort.


Whether you numb your skin to anticipate pain or relieve pain, medical or natural options are available to meet your needs. However, for safety precautions, before using any medications or numbing agents, it’s best to check with your attending physician, discuss safety concerns and any options to meet your particular needs.

These five effective methods of numbing the skin naturally allow you to concentrate on which methods work best. Medical, cosmetic, or skin treatment, it’s important that you have reliable options that work efficiently.

By Caitlyn

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