Summer is the best time of the year for most people who love to work out. If you are in the same boat and looking for some outdoor exercises then you are at the right place today because they are the perfect way to lose some extra weight that you have gained over the winter. 

Now the summer time is coming in 2022 and you should be ready to go outdoors and perform all these great workouts in the summer sunshine so you can get your dose of vitamin D but don’t forget to wear sunscreen why you do so.

In this article we will discuss 7 different outdoor exercises and how you can create an outdoor gym to stay fit in 2022.

 1. The Playground Workout

Playground water park is the perfect way if you want to workout Dos and you want to create an outdoor gym. You can start this work out by performing 12 cups and then you can place your hands on a bench. Then you can do some push ups on the bench and then decline push ups. After that you can perform 12 bodyweight squats and then 12 pull ups. After that you have to perform 12 bench jumps and 12 Bulgarian split squats. You can repeat as many sets as you want depending upon your strength!

 2. Hill Sprints

For this workout you can perform 5 sprints of 10 yards but make sure that you leave a 45 second gap between each of them during the first week. In the next week you can leave a 30 seconds gap and in the third week you can leave the 20 second gap between each workout. Then at the end you can finish with one set of 40 yards.

 3. Stairs

This is also like the workout that we have mentioned about but in this one you are not going to need any equipment for the outdoor workout. You can perform the same steps that we have mentioned above by using a set of stairs that can be anywhere in your environment outdoors.

 4. Sand Workout

You can start by walking lunges and then perform 12 squat jumps. You can finish off with five quick shuffles to your left and then perform two different sets consecutively.

 5. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the best way to lose weight by working outdoors and you can do this by performing 100 total revolutions of basic quick jumps by using a jumping rope. You can continue for the total rounds and you can finish it in 10 minutes.

 6. Medical Ball Workout

In this workout you can start by medical ball lunches and then move forward to medical ball push ups for 12 x. After that you can do 15 different habitats of wood chops by using the medical ball.

 7. Kettlebells

In the last workout outdoors you can start by 10 swings and then you can perform one Goblet squat. Once you are done with this you can perform 25 swings and 3 Goblet squats and keep on increasing the number depending upon your stamina and strength in the body.

By Caitlyn

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