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The New Year is in full swing, and you may have already given up on some resolutions by now. But your health should be the top priority amid the ongoing pandemic. You must stick with your self-care resolutions, even if it takes some effort to rework your wellness goals. Luckily, you need not invest much time, money, and work into staying in top shape physically and mentally. Just ramp up your wellness goals a little, and you can achieve them easily. Here is some expert advice to help.

Get more realistic

Before reworking your wellness goals, assess the current ones to understand what keeps you from achieving them. Maybe you want to do too much too soon, and it is the reason you may end up missing out on them. Fine-tuning the existing goals to make them more realistic is a good idea. For example, you can achieve your 10 kg in three months weight loss target into smaller milestones like 3 kg per month. A little twist can make the same goals achievable. 

Go back to the basics

Besides being more realistic, consider going back to the basics with your wellness goals this year. Focus on clean eating rather than fancy diets and expensive supplements. Likewise, you can opt for outdoor exercises like running, cycling, and swimming instead of exercising indoors with fitness equipment. It enables you to replenish your vitamin D levels and strengthen your core while enjoying activities.

Ditch tobacco, switch to cannabis

If ditching cigarettes have always been a challenge for you, try switching to cannabis this year. It is natural and safe and actually helps with a host of health issues like chronic pain, stress, and insomnia. You can check this informative piece by wonder buds to understand the difference between smoking and vaping cannabis. Pick a method that works for you and ditch tobacco for good. Rest assured, you will not miss it again!

Do not skimp on sleep

Another wellness goal that should be on top of your checklist this year is to sleep more. Do not let WFH schedules disrupt your sleep schedule, no matter how busy you are. Clean up your sleep-wake cycle by maintaining regularity. If you struggle with sleep disorders, rely on natural remedies like herbal teas, hot showers, and massages. A session of cannabis can also set you up for a restful night. 

Prioritize mental well-being

If you want to go the extra mile with your wellness goals this year, prioritize mental well-being. It is easy to miss out on mental health when you have immunity and financial stability on top of your mind. But all three are related, so you must do your bit to retain your sanity amid the tough times. Embrace self-care measures like meditation, deep breathing, and aromatherapy to get your mental health on track. Be kind to yourself and count your blessings as well.

You need not work with a therapist or trainer to revamp your wellness goals and make them more achievable. Just follow these simple measures, and you can be at your healthiest best. 

By Caitlyn

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