Insulin Troubles

Regardless of the type of diabetes you experience, regular monitoring helps you keep control. That control is what AccuChek Aviva Plus offers.

AccuChek is a friend. And who doesn’t need a friend? You will need such camaraderie more now than ever. Why?

Well, you are already peeing when you’re thirsty. You lose weight even when not under a weight management program.

The worse part: your pancreas turned on you and decided to cut short your insulin production. So, you see: you need a friend.

But how does having AccuChek as a friend help in all “these”? What does it even do? Are there ill sides to this friendship?

This piece has all the answers.

How Does AccuChek Aviva Plus Help You?

Understanding The Importance Of A Glucometer

Have you heard of SMBG (Self Monitoring Blood Glucose)? No?

SMBG, as the name implies, is a way of staying ahead of your diabetes and the accompanying challenges. In simple terms, you get to monitor your glucose level every second.

So, how does AccuChek relate to that?

For SMBG, you make use of equipment called glucometers. These aids are the ones that read your blood sugar levels.

An example of such is AccuChek.

Now you might be thinking: if AccuChek is an example, then there are other glucometers. So, why must it be AccuChek that you pick?

See the reasons below:

Why You Should Use AccuChek’s Glucometer


All the components of Aviva Plus meet the standards of the Arthritis Foundation’s EOU (ease of use). Of all glucometers, only Aviva Plus achieved that commendation. Why?

For a start, Aviva Plus comes with a large LCD. Thanks to that feature, you needn’t strain your eyes to read your glucose levels.

Secondly, the device doesn’t require any coding. Even an eight-grader could operate it. That’s how simple the know-how is.

Furthermore, you don’t need to recall your Lego skills. Once you open the pack, you will find your aid all ready to use. All you need to do is take and start using.

Thirdly, Aviva Plus has an alarm system. You can set it to alert you for a test four times daily before or after your meal. Even at that, it has a long-lasting battery.

Lastly, and most importantly, Aviva Plus only needs a bit of your blood (specifically 0.6µL). That way, you needn’t worry about how much blood you’d lose or how long it’d take to get the blood.


Despite the minute blood requirement of only 0.6µL, Aviva Plus has the best test accuracy of all glucometers. So much so that if you used this device for 200 separate tests, you’d realize the same results. Incredible, huh?

The best part is that all these accurate results are what you’d get at a max of 5 secs. To top it all, Aviva Plus uses a multiclix lancing protocol.

What that means is that you will get interrupted testing for six consecutive tests without changing the strips. Also, multiclix lancing is the least painful of all testing technologies.

After seeing the features of Aviva Plus, do you still question why it’s the one for you? What more could you desire from a glucometer?

By Caitlyn

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