Breast Implant

Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic technique that enlarges and shapes the breasts to improve their look. No one anticipates the necessity for a second surgery, once the first has been performed. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that breast implants aren’t permanent. Because of the implants’ nature, some type of follow-up surgery is almost certainly needed at some point throughout the patient’s lifespan.

After augmentation surgery, if the implant ruptures or deflates, that’s when breast revision is needed. Other reasons could include a patient’s dissatisfaction with the procedure’s outcomes or the way her breasts feel. They might also desire larger or smaller breasts.

Challenges of Breast Revision

For numerous reasons, a breast revision is typically more challenging than the initial breast augmentation. First, scar tissue from the previous surgery can make it extremely difficult to determine if there will be a positive outcome. Furthermore, the cosmetic surgeon must deal with any tissue stretching or anatomical alterations produced by earlier implants. As a result, a subsequent procedure may be more costly than the primary augmentation surgery.

Second, unlike with an original augmentation, patients may arrive at their appointment disillusioned and terrified. Frequently, the initial surgeon hasn’t triggered the patient’s issues. However, in certain cases, the patient’s absence of comprehension of the typical risks involved with breast implant surgery might be attributed to a lack of adequate communication. This can lead to unreasonable expectations, making the patient more prone to be unsatisfied with the main or revision surgery’s outcome.

How to Keep the Risk to a Minimum

When placing relatively huge implants in extremely tiny bodies, numerous cosmetic issues with implants are significantly more frequent. This is due to the influences of gravity that will lead the implant to eventually decrease and make it less appealing. Positioning the implant higher instead of lower typically ends in the most appealing look. 

Given that changing size is the most frequent reason for breast revision, it’s understandable that you’d want to be certain about the size you desire prior to undergoing surgery. The simplest approach to achieve this is to visit your cosmetic surgeon’s office and try on various implant sizes and forms. This is the best way to determine the ideal implant for your body.

During your consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, ask plenty of questions, and then ask additional questions on surgery day. If necessary, jot them down, as a reminder, and bring the list to your appointment with you.

Have Reasonable Expectations

Prior to actually making a decision, do thorough research and visit with several cosmetic surgeons. A well-informed patient is significantly less likely to require a secondary procedure. Also, don’t let cost be your primary criterion for selecting a cosmetic surgeon. Finally, keep in mind that it’s critical to have reasonable expectations going into your procedure. Keep in mind that perfection is nonexistent. Your body is not entirely symmetrical before surgery, and it will not be totally symmetrical thereafter.

Also, keep in mind that you may see some of the same issues following the procedure. For example, it is often not possible to entirely eliminate all traces of a double bubble. Always remember that the purpose of cosmetic procedures is to improve rather than to perfect.

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