Beginners guide to carbonate mead

Some people may define mead as some sticky honey stuff which you can buy for nine bucks from a renaissance fair, this glass of hangover is just a crappy drink; when made perfectly, it’s a beautiful beverage with a touch of complexity, diversified taste just like a glass of wine and beer making its taste creative. 

The market is stocked with various carbonate mead, which you should try to dismiss the various misconceptions associated with this beverage. 

Here is your guide to carbonate mead, some surprising facts which will give you a better understanding of the health benefits that come with it. 

Defining mead

Mead is made by fermenting honey while diluting it with water. To enhance its flavours, fruits and spices are added; however, they are mostly non-carbonated. An alcoholic beverage is cooked in a yeast friendly environment. Yeast is used for killing bacterias and creating its longevity. 

How is carbonated mead formed?

For making this beverage, the right density of diluted honey is required, along with temperature, and the kind of yeast used for fermentation is required to make a perfect glass of mead. 

Making carbonated mead is done at the last step of the brewing process, which is also known as bottle conditioning. The beverage goes through various stages of fermentation. 

Some professional mead makers heat the diluted mixture before the yeast is added to kill off any bacterias. While many skip this step as it can hamper the honey aroma. Once the fermentation is complete, this beverage can last for a few months to several years, depending upon the flavours unified in making them. The carbon dioxide added gets absorbed as bubbles done through the gas canister into the liquid before bottling it. 

3 surprising facts about carbonated mead

-It’s not a beer or wine; it’s something else

People are often confused between mead, beer and wine; however, this beverage is quite different as, unlike beer, it does not involve boiling and is directly fermented. As wine is usually made of grapes, mead mostly involves diluted honey along with funky flavours. Another essential difference is that mead ranges from 6 to 20 per cent of ABV, whereas the other two drinks come with a lower ABV.

-It comes with a history

Anciently known as “the nectar of god”, this beverage was medically used and served during weddings. 

-It’s diversified 

Though honey is a primary ingredient, there are various kinds of honey available depending upon the flowers the bees have fertilized from. Changing weather, nutrients in soil, rain and bee health also influences its taste. The yeast and technique used also diversify the taste of this drink. 

Health benefits of carbonate mead

These glasses of beverage come with various benefits making every sip quite healthy for you;

-It helps in warding off antibiotic-resistant pathogens

Since the key ingredient is honey which contains an antibiotic agent found in bees, which has proven efficient in killing human pathogens. This agent helps in curing wounds in the human body fast.

-it helps in fighting against diseases

For years mead has been used as a medicine to cure ailments and wounds. Even today, this beverage is recognized medically for treating ailments such as diabetes and digestive infections. 

-it helps in making you fit and healthy

We all know how sugar consumption is harmful to the body. However, a mead made of fermented honey includes various enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, making them effective in regulating your metabolism, thus keeping you fit and healthy.

-they are high in protein

This beverage comes with high protein content, which is higher than consuming meat. 


You can find various articles on how to carbonate mead?; however, the right technique and method are needed to make every sip of this beverage perfect, enticing and rich. 

By Caitlyn

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