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It’s pretty important to stay fit and active, although if you’re specifically hoping to build your upper body strength, your workout routine will look a bit different to anyone that’s just trying to stay fit. 

The best exercises will target the muscles in your upper body, and you can tailor a simple workout routine to boost upper body strength by incorporating these exercises. 

Chest Press

Ideally, chest presses should be done with dumbbells and a bench. Lay yourself flat on the bench after grabbing a pair of dumbbells. Push the dumbbells upwards towards the ceiling. However, there are several chest press variants. 

Benches are exceptionally handy things to have in your home gym, although, if you don’t have one, you can do a dumbbell chest workout without a bench

With that said, all types of chest press exercises are excellent for building upper body strength fast. These exercises target shoulder muscles, biceps, and everything else in your upper body. So, be sure to include a few chest press reps into your workout routine. 

Hammer Curls And Bicep Curls

To do a bicep curl, you must grab a dumbbell and stand straight up with the weight held horizontally. Proceed to bring the weight up by curling your arms. When it comes to a hammer curl, stand with a weight held vertically and bring it up to your shoulders. 


If you don’t have a pull-up bar, you shouldn’t invest in one if you’re hoping to build your upper body strength. Pull-ups might be strenuous for beginners, although you can quickly tone and define upper body muscles pretty fast by using one. 

It’s also relatively straightforward, as all you have to do is fit the bar and use it to pull yourself up over and over again until your workout session is done. 


Skipping is often left out of workout routines as one of the most underrated exercises out there. However, skipping is excellent for cardio, and it’s pretty effective when it comes to building upper body strength. There is a good reason boxers always include skipping in their warm-ups and workout routines; it’s incredibly effective. 


Of course, another effective exercise to build your upper body is push-ups. Fortunately, you don’t need any equipment to do push-ups, so they’re a great option even if you don’t have a home gym. 

You can do several push-ups every day, and if you keep increasing your rep count, you’ll be pretty toned in no time. 

Building upper body strength is an essential component of every workout routine out there. However, when it comes to focusing on building strength and muscle, you should also focus on correcting your diet to add enough protein. The more protein your diet contains, the easier it will be to build muscle. 

Alternatively, you can also consider workout shakes and protein supplements to help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, always be sure to prepare for workouts by warming up muscles to prevent pulls and tears. 

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