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Capillus Unveils New “Hair Care Kit” for Men and Women Experiencing Hair Loss  

Capillus Unveils

Miami, FL. (July 24, 2023)— Capillus, a prominent leader in laser therapy devices and treatments for hair regrowth and restoration, has launched The Hair Care Kit, a new line of 100% natural haircare products for men and women. The collection is specially-formulated for individuals who are experiencing hair loss and for those who want to begin a proactive haircare regimen. 

The Capillus Hair Care Kit is comprised of four products made from natural active ingredients including milk protein, amino acids and vitamin B6, and features cleanser shampoo, protection shampoo, hydration conditioner and an enriching serum with DHT blockers. The shampoos are free from sulfate, paraben, mineral oils and silicone and each product’s unique formula works in synergy to help provide protection, enhance density and shine to fine hair. 

“With our new Hair Care Kit we now offer consumers an even more comprehensive product portfolio of hair restoration treatments, adding one of the best formulated lines of hair care systems on the market to our existing red light therapy technology and supplements,” said Erika Locatelli, Brand Innovation Leader, Curallux, LLC, parent company of Capillus. “Our primary goal is to empower individuals in helping manage their hair loss through a science-backed series of advanced hair care.” 

Hair Care Kit Products: 

Step 1: Cleanse Shampoo (for scalp care) helps remove built-up calcium and oils to set the stage for exceptional hair growth. 

Step 2: Protect Shampoo (for hair care) washes away grime as it protects your hair from damage with a 100% all-natural formula.

Step 3: Hydrate Conditioner (for hair repair) is designed to help treat and hydrate hair cuticles, making it easier to achieve glimmering hair. 

Step 4: Enrich Serum (to facilitate hair growth) helps stimulate your hair follicles providing nutrients to your scalp that help reduce hair thinning. This no-rinse serum is formulated to help your follicles stay nourished for optimal hair growth. 

“An important part of maintaining a healthy scalp microbiome is using products that include the most natural ingredients. Androgenetic alopecia is a condition that can manifest at an early age but using products specially formulated to keep the scalp free of build-up gives way for optimal conditions for healthier hair growth,” said Dr. Samer Muala, a medical advisor for Capillus’ Hair Restoration Division. 

The Capillus Hair Care Kit is available now for purchase at Consumers can also opt to purchase the hair kits as part of a monthly subscription plan.

About Curallux 

Miami-based Curallux is a leading ISO-13485 certified U.S. manufacturer of Capillus® brand photobiomodulating medical devices that are FDA-cleared for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Capillus laser therapy is clinically proven with published results. Low-level light therapy (LLLT) was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2007 for the treatment of mild-to-moderate male pattern hair loss to help regrow hair. The emergence of the Capillus laser therapy cap has revolutionized the use of laser therapy for treatment of hair loss by making laser therapy more accessible and easier to use in order to create the most practical application in hair restoration.

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