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Sometimes you can feel like your hair is part of your ‘identifier’. A piece of your identity that can make or break your physical appearance. Firstly let us clarify that it is not- you are special because of who you are- not how your hair looks! With that being said, a great hairstyle is an easy way to boost confidence and add flare to an outfit or special event. 

Hair pieces are a great option to upgrade your look, and with such a wide variety of hair pieces available, it can be an overwhelming task to decide which is best for you. Hairpieces represent a much better option over a wig, because hairpieces are available in a number of different styles that make it easy to supplement your own natural hair. You can buy them in different thicknesses, styles, and shapes or patterns to perfectly match the hair you currently have. 

Do I need a hair piece (or wig)? 

If you are suffering from hair loss, balding or thinning hair, this will make a big difference in the exact type of hairpiece you should look for, because you don’t need a full hair wig. Instead, you can elect to get a hairpiece to address partial hair loss that exists only on a certain area of your 

head, providing a less expensive and better suited alternative. One of the most popular types of hairpieces for partial hair or thinning hair is a clip-in hairpiece. These pieces are specially designed to give you extra coverage on your head, right where you want it, with a highly focused and custom area of coverage. 

Even if you don’t suffer from hair loss, and you just want some extra volume and bounce, hair pieces can help you achieve that ‘va-va- voom’ look without the fuss of a full head wig, and can target the specific areas you are looking to plump up! 

Human hair Vs Synthetic hairpieces 

Hairpieces are available as both human hair and synthetic. The option you choose is completely dependent on your budget, personal preferences, and lifestyle. Human hairpieces are often more expensive than synthetic hairpieces, because they can deliver a more natural look, feel, and movement. They also offer a greater degree of versatility over synthetic options. That’s because they are easier to cut, style, and color according to your specific preferences. Natural, human hairpieces also tend to be more durable and hold up longer under normal conditions. 

Most of today’s synthetic hairpieces are designed so well that they look just like natural, human hair. They even tend to hold up better to adverse or changing weather conditions, doing a fantastic job of maintaining their original look and form- hallelujah to low frizz! If you can’t make up your mind between the two-and financially you can afford it- why not buy both kinds. This would allow you to wear one during certain types of weather or activities, such as a synthetic piece, while reserving the human hairpiece for more special occasions. So get in contact with a Gold Coast Hairpieces expert.

Styles of Hair pieces: 


Depending on where you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, you can select from hairpiece bangs and hairpiece fringe to cover up the front section of your head and scalp. Or just add the fringe as a change in your hairstyle. 

Ponytail Hair Pieces: 

If your hair isn’t long enough to gather into ponytail, a ponytail hair piece can create a classic and effortless tied-back look, whatever length your hair is.The ponytail is a timeless, go-to hairstyle, and for a voluminous, long ponytail for an event or everyday you can have different attachment types too! From interlocking combs to scrunchies. They are a versatile addition to your wardrobe/ styling station! 

Hair Extensions: 

If you want to achieve Rapunzel-style length, hair extensions are your new best friend! Adding length to your natural tresses, hair extensions provide the wearer with complete styling versatility and are available in both human hair and synthetic hair varieties. They can even be clipped in for ease of use! 

Party Hair Pieces 

Transform your hairstyle and get party-ready with a party hair piece. Whether you’re looking to add some colour or curls into your hairstyle, a party hair piece will have you ready to hit the dancefloor in minutes. 

Easy to Use Hairpieces: 

Regardless of the type of scalp coverage, style, synthetic hairpiece, or human hair model you choose, be sure that it features they are convenient and easy you se. If you are likely to use your hairpiece every day, you’ll want to make sure it’s quick and easy for you to do by yourself whenever needed. 

At The Big Wig Australia we stock hundreds of fashion & medical wig styles. Each style comes in as many as 40 colours. We have human hair wigs in many styles and constructions, from petite (and child) sized cap styles, monofilament (mono top) hand tied styles and lace front hand tied invisible hairline styles. We also specialise in turbans, scarves & accessories for medical customers. Alongside human hair wigs, we stock synthetic hairpieces in many styles and colours, plus the integration/filler piece styles and the hair care products for all of your needs. 

We can also help you with a personal wig consultation to help you achieve your hair goals. Please contact our friendly team, we are happy to help!

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