Daith Piercing for Anxiety

Would you believe it if someone told you that you could get a Daith piercing for anxiety? Well apparently that is what some people do and if accounts to be believed, then it could even help with migraines. At first glance, anxiety and piercing might not seem related at all. So, why do some people believe in theory so firmly? That’s what we are trying to find out here today.

Anxiety piercing:

In acupuncture, the pressure of exact quantity is placed on the exact point. This pressure triggers some signals and helps us to get rid of that particular problem which can be treated with that specific point. 

It is said that in our ear there are many points which are included in some acupuncture book, if it exists. In the inner part of our ears, there is a point which is connected somehow with the hormones that are responsible for anxiety. 

Piercing to help with anxiety:

If you want to treat your anxiety and want to try daith piercing, kindly complete this procedure with a professional. 

Although it’s advisable to not depend on only one thing for anxiety treatment. Consult with your doctor and start treatment. 

Ear piercing that helps with anxiety:

Have you ever thought about the reason while reading this article why we are focusing only on daith piercing which is related to your ears?

Actually ears look like a tiny and little part of our body but they are very important as per medical sciences and as per acupuncture theory. 

In this tiny part of our body there are many hidden points. Try to massage your ear sometime and feel the relaxation. I am not kidding. Try it. 

Piercing for anxiety and depression:

Anxiety and depression are very common nowadays among people. Not only our youngsters but also almost everyone is dealing with these issues.

Our busy life is one of the reasons for our condition. To treat this matter we often go to doctors and oftentimes we don’t do anything for these issues because of society and people.

If you believe in acupuncture theory you can try daith piercing for your anxiety but do research after doing it.

Can it help to treat anxiety?

It’s a fact that if we consume even medicines without belief, it’s not going to work as it should. 

Belief is a very strong emotion. If you believe that daith piercing is going to work with your problem you must try it.

And for logic and facts, we have described it earlier in the article

What piercing helps with anxiety?

Piercing that helps you to treat anxiety is a process which totally depends on the facts of acupuncture theory. This is an old concept and very famous in china or we can say it is a chinese technique.

In medical sciences there are many proofs that our body has various points which are directly related to our mind. We have these specific points in our head,ears, face, palm, feet, stomach and in every part of our body. 

Our ears also have these special points which deal with our emotions and the control of our mind. Daith piercing is one of those techniques which use acupuncture.

What piercing relieves anxiety?

Some people believe that daith piercing helps to reduce the anxiety level and also increases the chances to cope with depression. 

So what’s the logic behind this belief and how does a little piercing do that type of magic which sometimes becomes difficult for even medicines. 

As we told you above, the phenomenon of acupuncture. Let’s describe it a little bit more. 

Anxiety Daith piercing:

In daith piercing, the professionals who are experts in acupuncture and have a decent knowledge about piercing, do this at that exact point which is related to our anxiety level.

Our mind catches the connection and works accordingly.

Although many believe that it doesn’t work as we think it does, there are some other people who still believe in it. 

What is Daith Piercing?

Daith piercing refers to the piercing located at the inner fold of your ear. Piercing the lobe of the ear is a common practice that a lot of people are familiar with. Daith piercing is another popular type of piercing since it tends to look quite stylish. 

Daith Piercing for Anxiety

So, how does a hole in your ear help you not get anxious? The possible answer has to do with acupuncture and pressure points that are believed to be located in the ear. 

 The idea is, when we get our ear pierced, we trigger the pressure points that are located in the innermost ear. And the pressure point for anxiety is believed to be located in the innermost part of the ear. So, the piercing actually helps us get rid of anxiety by exerting constant pressure on the pressure point for anxiety located in the inner ear. 

Does Daith piercing help with anxiety?

This is a very logical question. A problem which is difficult to solve even with its primary solution then how can we trust the secondary one. 

If we go according to the science then yes there is no doubt that our ears are the home of very important points as per acupuncture theory. 

If we pressure a specific point in the inner part of our ears, it reduces the level of anxiety.

How Effective is Daith Piercing for Anxiety

The evidence of people getting rid of anxiety with the help of daith piercing is not quite conclusive yet. Some people claim that the effect of Daith piercing on anxiety is quite promising, but it is hard to know if it is really true or just a case of the Placebo effect.
Placebo is the effect of a patient getting a positive result of treatment because of their faith in the treatment. So, the patients getting positive results against anxiety because of Daith piercing could simply be the result of their belief that the piercing would help them. To a normal mind, acupuncture may sound similar to piercing and hence, it might be easier for them to believe that the piercing would work, and because of that it actually does. 

The key thing to note here is that, although acupuncture may similar to piercing, both work around the premise of exerting pressure on a point of the body, but in reality, both are quite different. Acupuncture uses carefully calculated pressure on specific points of the body with the sole purpose of healing another part of the body or to distress, but piercing is more ornamental and shows purposes. 

When tested, acupuncture actually does quite well when it comes to anxiety. It helps to calm a person having an anxiety attack. So, if the piercing is done precisely, it might also provide the same benefit, but it is hard to come to any conclusive opinion as of now. 

Possible Risks Involved with Daith Piercing

The good effects of Daith piercing might not be conclusive, but the possible risks of the procedure are. It is quite safe to get a Daith piercing if you get it done right. But if you are not careful, there might be consequences that you might not be prepared for.

Piercings can be very painful if they are not done right. Additionally, there are risks of infection, which is not pleasant. If any hair comes in contact during the piercing, there is a very high chance that your inner ear might get infected. 

Aside from pain, the infection may lead to additional complications. If the infection keeps progressing, it may even lead to sepsis. So, if you see any signs of ear infection after piercing, you should immediately get an appointment with your doctor. 

You might only be doing the piercing for getting rid of anxiety, but you should know, if you don’t intend to wear an earring, there will be a tiny but quite visible hole in your ear. After the hole is dried up, it should not hurt, but if it does, you should consult your doctor.


As you learned, there are pros and cons when it comes to getting a Daith piercing. You may get some help when it comes to anxiety, but it has to be done right for it to have any chance of working. More study is required in this field to know anything conclusively. On the other hand, the risks are quite well known. So, if you want to get a piercing, we advise that you get it safely so that there is no risk of any infection.

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