Diastasis Recti in Men


Diastasis Recti exercises came into prevalence once this issue got noticed by endless people. This extra pouch of bagginess appears as a downside of the healthy body that aims to be fit and look good. 

But to take care of diastasis Recti constant effort does a payback. Prefer to do exercises that can reverse the diastasis issue instead of considering a surgery.

Several types of diastasis exercises are available but one should follow the ones a person can easily perform at least in the beginning. So always remember it takes time to get things toned back to original form so endurance and determination are the keys for the route. 

Once the results start hitting with constant efforts and the right technique of exercise will trigger more motivation to go further. All those separated lingered weak muscles will get back to shape being toned on a regular basis.

Diastasis Recti

What Is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is very commonly known amongst women during postpartum or after pregnancy. It appears as an elongated pouch in the belly region of the stomach caused by the separation of rectus abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

But it is not confined only to women instead of men too are prey for Diastasis Recti issues. Especially obese men are more prone to experiencing Diastasis Recti. The issue becomes more prominent while squeezing in the abdominal region while exercises or normally.

Root cause: It all happens because of weakening of the abdominal muscles. Further, the separation of abdominal rectus muscles might also take place due to extra weight pressure during pregnancy. All that makes the mid-region of the abdomen look real bad especially the abs area where such no real abs exist by then.

Types of Diastasis: 

  • Open Diastasis-  In that condition, an elongated pouch appears on both sides of the belly button area.
  • Open above Diastasis- In that condition, elongated pouch appears from the inner side of the skin but only above the belly button area. 
  • Open below- In that condition, elongated pouch under the skin appears below the belly button area only.

What Causes Diastasis Recti in Men?

Diastasis Recti mainly has no main reason to appear in any man besides obesity or being overweight. The abdominal muscles weak by nature get overburdened by the pressure of weight leading to a Diastasis Recti situation. Rapid weight loss with diet or extensive workout might also build the abdominal saggy pouch which is unpleasant to the eye.

Further being on the heavier side and trying to lift some heavy weights or anything without guidance can also make the abdominal muscles prone to get separated. Besides, the age factor and heredity of genes some diseases related to the liver or stomach can make its way to Diastasis. At times any surgery might also make things way too wrong and cause Diastasis Recti. 

Diastasis Recti Exercises for Men

Reverse the downside of Diastasis Recti with easy exercises and tips

Nothing is impossible to achieve and with the advancement of technology and knowledge-based logical exercises available. Even the tough areas can be targeted and toned with full indulgence and focus.

Diastasis Recti Exercises to tone your rectus abdominal muscles:

1. Start with some easy core indulging exercise 

Lay down on the ground with ease by flattening your back against the floor. Start with keeping your back straight and take one leg at one time. Start with the right leg lifting it and touching your knee with your chest. Go back to normal and repeat with the other leg. Do this for 10 repetitions each leg. It engages the core muscle mainly the targeted one and works on making it stronger.

2. Move on to the Kegels they are so easy and fun to do 

You can do this any time even without letting any person know multiple times in a day. You can do that while in a normal sitting posture. Else kegels can be done by laying down on the floor during an exercise session. Keep yourself focused on your pelvic floor muscles these are the ones which you control during your pee. Breathe in and pause for 2-3 seconds and do like stopping the urine flow in between. It makes you lift the pelvic floor muscles. Relax and breathe out. Do this for 2- 3 times in sets of 15 every time throughout the day.

3. Stress more on your pelvic and do some pelvic exercises on a routine

Lay down on the ground with knees bent and feet placed a little away from your butts. This one involves a virtual clock mounted on the stomach. So squeeze in your pelvic muscles the ones you did Kegels with. With an imaginary clock move your squeezed muscles in a clockwise turn with a feeling of control and push like changing the clock arm from 12-1-3-6-9 and back to 12. Repeat this 2 to 3 times.

4. Customize the squats your way to make them your bestie in combating Diastatic Recti without much effort

Starting from a virtually seated squat against the wall. Do this by standing against the wall and taking a squat position to touch the wall from behind. And doing squats with back support. Do 2 sets of 20 repetitions each. Further moving on to another version of squats and doing a body twist during the squat. For this place your arms in front one over the other or hold both your hands intact stretching arms out in front. Then go for a squat at the same time twist your rib cage without doing a turn with the whole upper body. It engages the core and creates a tightening tension on the stretched out muscles.

5. Do an amazing blowing off candles exercise and push all air out from inside to engage the muscles of your core

This one is simple to do and involves little virtual imagination. Breathe in and take as much air inside as you can. Followed by exhaling air out via mouth like blowing off hundreds of virtual candles placed in front of you. This builds tension over the stretched muscles of the abdomen to pull them back to normal with repetitions and practice. Exhale as much air from inside until you feel all has been squeezed in at the abdominal core and relax. Do that for 10 times in a go. You can do this 2-3 times in a day anytime for better results.

6. Learn to practice breathing exercises indulging your core in it. 

Breathing exercises make the core muscles strong along with the rectus abdominis. Inhale and exhale with control over the breathing process. Focus on your stomach during an exhale push of air. Follow the reverse while inhaling the breath. 

While making so much effort in order to reverse the Diastasis Recti. Follow the right technique of the exercises and always remember not to overdo the things in any way. Because recovery needs its own sweet time along with rest in between to reach the aimed goals.

Diastasis Recti Exercises

Also, remember some best tips of 2024 to avoid while planning for diastasis recti exercises:

  • Avoid all sorts of planks and crunches even the customized ones
  • Keep push-ups and sit-ups at bay for a while until the things get to track
  • Any movements of the abdomen in forms of twist rolls of the body up and down or any sort of bends in the abs area must be avoided. It prevents further worsening of the affected muscles.
  • Avoid all sorts of customized or simple stretching yoga exercises

Different types of diastasis exercises are known to help in mild to moderate cases. But practicing them with patience is the key to results for firm results. But any discomfort during exercising must be discussed with your doctor or a trainer especially if results don’t appear even after practicing for long. Considering for surgery must always be kept as the last option just to deal with cosmetic issues of diastasis when nothing else works.


Diastasis Recti can be taken care of by doing the exercises in the right way but it is also important to start exercising as early as you notice. Taking the help of some physical therapist or a trained will always help do things right to reap better results.

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