Diastasis Recti Exercises For Men


Men with six-pack abs are always considered attractive and appealing. But sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve that set standard body. Men who are overweight are more affected by this. Although improper weight lifting is also known to contribute in Diastasis Recti cases.

Diastasis Recti is a condition in which the middle region of the abdomen or normally known as abs gets negatively impacted. There exists an abdominal muscle near the belly button region which is termed as ‘Rectus Abdominis’. 

That abdominal muscle further has some cartilages attached both on its left and right side which contributes to abs formation upon muscle training of the abdominal region. During Diastasis Recti there appears deformity in those cartilages. Either thinning or wearing abdominal cartilage and muscles leads to Diastasis Recti in men.

Like everything has its fix this one too can be fixed by performing some specific exercises which help in reversing the damage caused to the abdominal muscles.

Diastasis Recti Exercises For Men

You can consult a specialist or a physician to confirm if you are fit enough to begin with exercise. Just like detoxing this process of exercises will detox the tired and weak muscles of the abdomen. Making them revive again via an exercise regime and rejuvenation process.

Reversing the Diastasis Recti needs just determination along with the right set of regular exercises.

Reversing the damage takes time almost equivalent to the amount of damage that has occurred. Below are some of the most effective Diastasis exercises of 2020 especially for men to begin the reversal process:

1. Bending and cross knee coordination with arm

For this, you will have to bend down on your knees and hands. Then keeping yourself on alternate hand and knee move the other ones in. Like taking the right hand first with the left knee and moving them towards the inner side of the body to join the knee and elbow. At the same time place your body weight on the left hand and right knee. Repeat 10 times with 2 to 3 sets as per potential for beginning and later 5 sets can be done at the max in one go.

2. Leg exercises lying on the floor

Further three exercises can be done lying down on the floor on your back to help with Diastasis. All these superbly engage and train the core muscles:

  • Keep yourself relaxed and lay down on your back with arms along the sides. Lift both your legs up in the air and do the air cycling process. It is just like you ride a bicycle in the air but keep your body intact with the ground until hips and only move legs like virtual cycling.
  • Keeping your body in contact with the ground till the buttons or hips just lift both the 
  • legs together. Legs must be straight at an angle nearly 120 degrees from the ground or even your own body. Further, do the air kicking or tapping with alternate legs keeping the legs in that direction only.
  • Reach out for a leg at a time while laying on the floor to engage your abdominal muscles. For this place both your feet close to your hips and reach out to alternate legs but get hold of one every time using both the hands along with an inhale. Then, hold the position for 2 to 3 seconds and exhale and relax.

3. Coordinate legs along with some weights

This exercise can be done without weights or with weights of 1 to 2 pounds. Laying down on the floor with your back properly touching the floor. Extend the arms over the head with or without weights keeping both legs raised in 120 degrees from the ground and inhale. Further, try to reach out to the legs with both hands holding weights and exhale. Just touch them from the literal sides and back to normal position and relax.

4. Stretching with a side and squeezing the abdomen 

Get on your side on the floor and place your weight on the arm and toes and stretch yourself as much as possible. It strengthens the core muscles of the abdomen.

5. Coordinate Kegel with breathing

Kegel is the best thing to do to engage the core in strengthening the regime. Inhale and hold onto your pelvic muscles to do the Kegel activity. Hold the position like squeezing in pelvic floor muscles for 2-3 seconds and then exhale with the release of the pelvic floor muscles and relax the body. 

All these exercises can be done 10 times in one go followed by 2 to 3 sets at one time.

Follow some precautions while exercising:

  • Do not overdo any exercise than the recommended repetitions.
  • Stop continuing with Diastasis exercise sessions in case any worsening of pain, incontinence issues of urine or bowel, or even sexual dysfunction is observed.
  • Check with a doctor before starting with any exercise if you are experiencing any sort of abdominal pain or observe any issue post-exercise.
  • Sometimes abdominal muscles need to be improved via personalized exercises. Hence, a professional trainer can be approached to achieve better results in a short period.


Diastasis exercises are easy and simple to follow step by step. But always ensure to follow the right technique after proper research. Because improper technique might result in further deterioration of the abdominal muscles instead of repairing them. 

Every individual is unique and different even after possessing the same sort of Diastasis issue like many others. Several factors are involved in each Diastasis issue. Like if any weight was lifted, duration, technique, or general obesity, etc causing Diastasis Recti. Hence, sometimes a better customizable approach seems more appropriate in those cases.

For the beginners, looking for Diastasis Recti exercises and to feel motivated throughout their sessions. Some of the listed easy to do exercises in the blog provide visible results if done regularly with determination.

So wait no longer to begin with the entire core healing and strengthening process by starting with these Diastasis Recti exercises.

By Caitlyn

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