Ecdysterone Guide
  • Do you know what Ecdysterone is?
  • Do you know what its uses are?
  • Do you know what its benefits are?

If you have all these questions in your mind, you have come to the right place.

There are even many Ecdysterone supplements available in the market that you can take before your workout session. However, you should not take it unless you know what it is and how it works.

If you want to know more about this chemical, we can guide you thoroughly. So, keep reading this article and find out what this chemical is all about.

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What Is Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone is also known as 20-Hydroxyecdysone, and it belongs to the group of phytoecdesteroids.

These naturally occurring hormones are found in many plants and many arthropods.

It is used to increase muscle mass, and many athletes take its supplement to improve their performance level. 

There are many phytoecdesteroids, but Ecdysterone is the best one among them because it has strong scientific data supporting its uses.

Ecdysterone can bind the estrogen receptors in the body, and this is a natural agent that your body produces. Due to this unique mechanism, this chemical is helpful for muscle strength and improved mobility. 


We know why you are searching all about Ecdysterone. You just want to know its benefits and how it can impact your physical and mental health

  1. Ecdysterone can accelerate lean muscle gains. In addition, it can help you develop healthy muscle fat on those thin bones, and that is why it is a popular supplement for malnourished people.
  1. Ecdysterone shows its anabolic effects and binds the estrogen receptor beta, preventing many chronic diseases like prostate cancer.
  1. It can also boost the production of erythropoietin hormone from the liver and kidneys, improving endurance in athletes.
  1. Ecdysterone promotes muscle growth and increases protein synthesis. Thus, it delays muscle exhaustion and fatigue.
  1. When you exercise for too long, your muscles become sore, and you may also get a physical injury from weightlifting. Ecdysterone accelerates your recovery.
  1. Ecdysterone improves muscle conditioning. If you have a weak immunity system, cancer, sexual dysfunction, or parasite infection, this chemical can help you heal.
  1. Ecdysterone is also a popular chemical when it comes to weight loss supplements. Somehow, it works faster than lifting weights in terms of burning high amounts of calories.
  1. This chemical also backs up the potency of Ecdesteroid, and thus, it helps men who have infertility problems.


Ecdysterone has grabbed the most attention in the market as a natural adaptogenic and anabolic compound, but it is best known as a dietary supplement for athletes.

When you use this supplement in the morning and in the post-workout session, your muscle fatigue reduces, your resistance improves, and your recovery process progresses. 

It can also increase lean muscle fat and decrease overweight muscle mass, which means it can control your weight beyond your knowledge, which helps all of you. 

How To Use It?

Just because there are plenty of Ecdysterone samples available in the market doesn’t mean you pick up one of them, mix them in your pre-workout shake, and gulp it at one go. Instead, you must know the right procedure of taking Ecdysterone, and only then can you grasp all its benefits.

Most people claim to take Ecdysterone with their morning drinks or post-workout drinks. However, we think if you take half of it in the morning and a half in the evening, it will be more effective. 

The ideal dose of Ecdysterone would be 48 mg for a healthy, adult person.

However, many athletes take almost 500-2000 mg of Ecdysterone every day to get the desired impact. In addition, since Ecdysterone helps increase muscle mass, bodybuilders have to take it in large quantities. 

Most supplement manufacturers don’t follow the exact dosage pattern, which is a major reason why they take such large amounts of Ecdysterone.

There are many plants and green veggies that have Ecdysterone in them. However, you can find most of it in a spinach extract, and that is why a 2015 study that used 46 young bodybuilders as the subject of Ecdysterone testing used spinach extracts at the food. 

Closing Thoughts

We have already claimed that Ecdysterone is a natural compound found in many water plants and animals. However, you can find more details about this chemical if you give this article a thorough read.

However, as we draw near the end of this article, we can see how well we have elaborated its benefits, impact, and user guidelines.

So, if you require more information on them, let us know in the comment box.

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