Gastric Balloon Implantation

Gastric balloon implants is a technique that is used to induce weight loss in people. It is a rather simple procedure that is carried out while the patient is conscious. There are several things and factors considered before a person can be cleared for such a procedure. Those who are cleared can have the adjustable balloon implanted in them. 

So what happens next after the procedure? How do you get to eat properly with a gastric balloon? There is an adjustment period, and there are certain things to expect after the procedure. This article will look at how a healthy diet can be maintained after the placement of an adjustable balloon.

Eating a balanced diet

After an adjustable balloon is placed in your stomach, it may take a few weeks before a person can consume solid food. Healthcare organizations like use this procedure to help with weight loss by reducing the stomach’s capacity to eat food. During this period, your body still requires nutrients that are essential for development, sustenance, and all-around health. This means they are needed for survival. So how does one provide the body with such nutrients?

Liquid Diet

A liquid diet will be created to supplement your normal diet. The instragastric balloon diet will serve as a way to provide your body with the needed nutrients. The liquid could vary from different liquid foods to strained foods, which will have all the nutrients required by your body. The diet is drawn up by qualified personnel, most likely nutritionists. Patients may have to supplement themselves with vitamin supplements, but it is all up to the specialist to create a diet plan.

Semi Liquid

This is the second stage in the dieting period where solids in small amounts are introduced into the liquid diet. This normally happens a week after the procedure but may vary from person to person. This still consists mostly of liquid foods, but here certain solids are introduced into the mix for a healthier, more balanced diet. The doctor or nutritionist will make the decision to introduce solids into your diet by administering the diet.

Larger solids

Here, the amount of solid food consumed has increased largely, and more solid foods are allowed. This is usually a week plus into the procedure where your body is getting better acquainted with the balloon. Your body and digestive system are more accommodating of larger particles of food. Be sure to follow the instructions laid out for you to avoid any complications that may arise out of negligence.

Normal diet

The consumption of normal foods is permitted, and you can consume solids normally as you used to. But you will still be given a plan to work with, so long as you do not spoil the progress so far. The whole point of the gastric balloon is to help with weight loss, so if you go back to old eating habits, it will hinder that. Not only that, but it could be harmful as well. The plan will help you consume the required calories and nutrients.


A gastric balloon is used to help people with weight loss. This process is not without its toll. The listed steps will help in getting the required diet.

By Caitlyn