How to Get Rid of Adderall Tongue

In today’s time, 13% of the global population suffers from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

With the advent of reels and shorts, it has led to attention deficit in youth.

In conditions like ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Adderall is prescribed.

Adderall acts as a CNS stimulant and helps in the treatment of ADHD.

Having said this, Adderall may also cause physical adverse effects, just like other ADHD drugs; adderall tongue could be one of its negative effects. 

It can lead to swelling, a dry tongue, and sores.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about adderall tongue and how to cure it.

What is Adderall Tongue?

Due to its biological roots, ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that is frequently treated with medication. Stimulants, which improve a patient’s concentration and control, are the most popular medications used to treat ADHD. Amphetamines, better known by their brand name Adderall, are the most frequent stimulants used to treat this disorder.

Although Adderall has a lot to offer ADHD sufferers, it also has some drawbacks. Headaches, loss of appetite, mood swings, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, and abdominal pain are just a few of Adderall’s negative physical consequences.

Dry mouth and teeth clenching are the two stimulant side effects that affect dental health most commonly. The majority of patients find the tongue affect to be extremely annoying. Due to this, patients have devised the term “Adderall Tongue.”

Adderall Dry mouth :-

Does Adderall cause dry mouth ?

Most people who take Adderall report having a dry tongue and a rough mouth. The result is that the tongue becomes intensely dry. The first thing patients ask when they know about this is, “Why does Adderall dry up my mouth?” Because of Adderall’s effect on your central nervous system, it leads to less saliva production, which causes the mouth to become dry. 

When you have a dry mouth, it is recommended that you use artificial salivation products like sprays. You should also eat sugar-free gum, restrict your caffeine intake, and stay away from mouthwashes that contain alcohol if you want to get rid of Adderall tongue.

Other effects of Adderall :-

  1. Tongue swelling :-

Some patients experience tongue swelling after using Adderall. People who are allergic to the medicine may experience this lethal and adverse effect. You might also experience a swollen cheek and throat in addition to the swelling of the tongue.

A medical issue involving swelling of the tongue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In this manner, if the tongue fills your mouth and blocks your throat, your respiration will not be cut off. Thankfully, a swollen tongue should not worry you much while considering how to get rid of Adderall tongue. Most doctors start you out on a modest dose to rule out any allergic reactions that can result in swelling of the tongue and throat.

  1. Pain in the tongue area :-

Can Adderall make your tongue hurt?


While using Adderall, some people report developing a sore tongue. It has the sensation of drinking a hot beverage that has severely burned your tongue. This is frequently followed by the tongue rubbing back and forth on the sides or roof of the mouth. Although the tongue-rubbing habit has a hereditary inclination, it has also been linked to taking high doses of Adderall. When using Adderall, drinking water can help soothe a sore tongue. This will stop your tongue from scraping against your cheeks and gums as it tries to drink some water.

Reducing your Adderall dose administration under a doctor’s direction can aid in reducing Adderall tongue.

  1. Tongue Sores :-

If you have been searching websites for this very problem, it is possible that Adderall is one of the medications that can cause tongue sores. The cold sore virus that is frequently seen on the tongue is believed to have become more virulent, which is why the sores appeared in the first place. If a patient’s Adderall dosage is very high, they should also monitor the grinding of teeth that takes place simultaneously.

In accordance with other hypotheses, Adderall’s impact on your digestive system may be the cause of the tongue sores that are a side effect of its consumption. The drug is associated with stomach ulcers, according to research on the topic of “does Adderall XR cause ulcers?” With continued regurgitation of stomach acid, tongue sores may develop as a direct effect.

Some people struggle with vomiting. It occurs while taking Adderall and is followed by tongue sores.

How to Get Rid of Adderall Tongue Sores?

If sores on the tongue are one of your primary concerns, then

You must try the following substances :-

  •  aloe vera
  •  milk of magnesia
  •  honey
  • or coconut oil 
  • An alternative is to gargle with salt water for this issue.

These are some of the remedies in case you are looking for ways to get rid of Adderall tongue sores.

How to get rid of Adderall Tongue ?

A few tips that can help to get rid of Adderall tongue are :-

  1. A person should limit the amount of alcohol they consume, as it can lead to dehydration. If you are having dry mouth because of Adderall, your focus should be on consuming water rather than alcohol.
  2. Smoking tobacco leads to dehydration. By reducing or quitting smoking, it may reduce dry mouth symptoms.
  3. A simple solution to get relief from adderall tongue is to drink water. Studies have shown that dehydration leads to a dry mouth. Increasing daily water intake can help cure mild symptoms of Adderall tongue. 
  4. If you are suffering from Adderall tongue, mouthbreathing can worsen your situation. You should focus on breathing through your nose properly.
  5. A person suffering from adderall tongue should not consume caffeine, as it can cause dehydration and worsen adderall symptoms. 
  6. Consumption of candy aids in providing relief from Adderall tongue. Consumption of cough drops, lozenges, or other candies, or sugar-free gum, can provide relief from dry mouth. 

These recommendations can help you to get rid of adderall tongue.

Conclusion :-

Hopefully, the information in the aforementioned page will satisfy your need for clarification on what Adderall does to your mouth. Although you can feel a little uncomfortable at first, this usually goes away as your body gets adjusted to Adderall. Additionally, doctors could change your Adderall dosage numerous times to find the right one for managing your symptoms with the fewest adverse effects.

You must receive a formal diagnosis of ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder before taking Adderall. Most people who self-medicate choose for some of the counterfeit Adderall pills available. They suffer severe negative impacts as a result. Visit your doctor to receive the appropriate Adderall dosage and an accurate diagnosis of this ADHD

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