How to Make Yourself Puke

Making yourself puke is an age-old method to get rid of any unwanted, poisonous or contaminated food or other items that you may have consumed unknowingly. Keeping a bottle of ipecac at home for this is popular since before the time of our grandparents! But, recently doctors are advising against ipecac and so if you are looking for other ways to make yourself puke then keep on reading because we’ve covered it all in this article.

When to Make Yourself Puke/Vomit?

Okay in this latest fashion trend of skinny bodies, you might be tempted to make yourself throw up to lose weight. But, this is an absolute NO! Remember making yourself vomit without any actual reason can lead to many adverse effects like:

  1. Excessive loss of water from the body
  2. Damage to the lining of food pipe and mouth
  3. Aspiration of the vomitus into the lungs and this can lead to death

So a word of caution- Always consult a doctor first if you feel you need to induce vomiting and if you are convinced that you have swallowed something harmful.

How to Make Yourself Puke

How to Make Yourself Puke?

Okay now after having understood when to make yourself vomit, now let us proceed on to the 10 best and easiest ways to induce vomiting:

1. The classical way of inducing vomiting with a finger: So, we are all familiar with sticking a finger down the throat at the back of the tongue whenever we feel like or want to vomit. This mainly is based on the gag reflex that occurs as soon as the finger touches the back of the tongue.

2. Using a toothbrush: If finger sounds too disgusting to you then consider touching a toothbrush to the back of the tongue and you’ll find yourself vomiting instantaneously.

3. Thinking about stuff that makes you want to throw up: This may sound nuts but is actually quite effective. For this, you just need to think about sights, things or smells that make you want to vomit. This will create nausea and induce vomiting.

4. Getting exposed to nauseous smells and sights: Okay this will induce anyone to vomit for real. This happens because of a reflex action in your brain that causes nausea when being exposed to certain nauseous odors or sights.

5. Saltwater: For this, you need to make a saturated and warm salt solution by adding an adequate amount of salt to the water. Then drink it in one go. Stick a finger down the throat to further enhance the effect and to shorten the time required for vomiting. This works because common salt contains sodium and so drinking the salt solution disturbs the ionic balance and so a reflex to expel the excess water develops.

6. Mustard: Just add a few teaspoons of mustard to water in a bowl or glass and drink the resulting solution. Mustard has been a faithful emetic since the beginning of time and so drinking this mustard solution induces vomiting almost immediately. But, this should not be made a habit.

7. Baking soda (or powder): It is a well-known fact that consuming too much of baking soda results in emesis or vomiting. So, just mix a few tablespoons of baking soda or baking powder in a glass of water and drink it in one go.

8. Gargling with egg whites: Okay honestly, the thought itself is making even me want to puke. So if it is the same with you then fine otherwise separate the egg yolk and whites and gargle with the egg whites. This is bound to make you puke because of the obnoxious smell and taste.

9. Drinking Coca-Cola that doesn’t have the bubbles anymore: Okay a Coca-Cola that has lost all the carbon dioxide and bubbles will definitely make you puke because of its high carbohydrate content. It causes a reflex in the body that makes you want to throw up to expel the excess amount of sugars.

10. Powder of Blood-root herb: This is to be mixed with water and drank to induce vomiting. Blood-root herb has many medicinal properties and its inherent property when powdered to cause nausea and vomiting is a well-known fact.

Final Words

So, if you were on the lookout for an article on how to make yourself puke or throw up then I hope that you found this article helpful. Now, you know when to induce vomiting and how to make yourself vomit easily. But, always remember that it is always better to first consult a doctor if you suspect you might have consumed something really harmful because as discussed above vomiting can lead to various side-effects sometimes. 

That’s all for now. See you soon in our next article. Meanwhile, stay healthy!

By Caitlyn

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