how to heal a broken heart

As we all know, overcoming heartbreak is one of life’s greatest challenges.  The feeling of having your heart completely broken and crushed is enough to trigger depression, helplessness and reckless behavior.

However, dealing with heartbreak can be a cathartic experience when handled correctly.  You can focus on healing and dealing with many of the setbacks that may have caused relationship trouble.  So, in this sense, the break up can be a positive thing that lends to growth and strengthening your character.

Below are 5 steps you can take to soothe your heartache woes and develop yourself emotionally.

5 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

1. Eat Well

Eating during stressful times can be difficult for some people.  For others, food can be used to emotionally fill what feels like an endless, empty pit.  Whether you lean towards eating too much or not eating enough when you are upset, it is important to eat.  And eat good food!

Depriving yourself nutritionally will not only deplete you but it will cause increased moodiness, depression and irritability.  Keeping your nutrition in check will help you to the best that you can!

2. Exercise Daily

I’m sure you’ve probably heard that you should exercise 20 minutes daily.  The benefits of regular exercise are tenfold. Not only will exercise help you stay physically fit and healthy.  Exercise will boost your feel good hormones and help you to exert your negative energy in a. positive way.

Exercise has been proven to effectively treat depression.

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3. Socialize

Seeing your besties will help you get through the difficult period while you mourn the end of your relationship.  Whether your relationship was 5 years or 5 months, the initial loss will be difficult. Surrounding yourself with loved ones who support you will be an essential, positive step towards healing and moving on.

Be aware of these triggering times and be sure to keep yourself busy when possible.

  1. Weekends: Especially if you regularly went out with your significant other on weekends, expect Friday and Saturday nights to be especially hard.   Make plans in advance to make sure you have weekend evenings full. This will help ease the transition into your newly single life.
  2. Events:  Events such as weddings, parties and other get togethers can be difficult when you previously had gone coupled.  Have a plan of action to help you get through and deal with any questions your acquaintances may ask.
  3. Holidays: As tempting as it may be to not attend family and holiday parties when you are newly single, resist the urge.  Socialize during special days will help you feel connected even though it may be scar at first.

4. Do Therapy

Speaking to a professional of some sort will assist in processing what happened that lead to the break up.  You have many different options such as therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and even aura cleansing and healing treatments. Although traditional talk therapy can help you process your, other methods of therapeutic practices can do the same. Be sure to keep your options open.

Manhattan Psychic Lisa of Midtown Manhattan Psychic says, “we get a lot of clients who come in for our aura cleansing services following a traumatic breakup.  I’ve never had anyone say that it didn’t help them. I think anything helps. The point is doing something, whatever it is.”

5. Find A Hobby

Lastly, finding a hobby or something you enjoy doing can help ease the feelings of loss.  Whether you enjoy drawing, playing tennis, attending book clubs, or going to the theatre, finding a renewed sense of purpose and reigniting your social life will help you move on.

You may also find fulfillment and confidence in growing your repertoire of basic survival skills, such as cooking, first aid, foraging for food in the wild, building a fire, setting up a tent, or even lock picking. Many people rarely think about learning survival skills, but those can come in handy in certain situations. Being adept at those skills will be good for your confidence because you know that you have what it takes to survive in any situation just like how you’re going to survive a broken heart. 

There are many different things you can do and if you can’t think of a hobby, it might help you just as much to volunteer.  Volunteering can help put your loss in perspective. Particularly when you donate your time and services in a place such as a hospital, nursing home or Boys and Girls Club.


Healing a broken heart is a process.  However, you must keep yourself busy and committed to recovering if you want to grow in the process and move forward in a new, positive way.  Now I’m not saying that it’s easy. But when you follow these steps and look back you’ll realize there’s someone out there who’s a better fit and that there are a lot of fish in the sea!

By Caitlyn

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