How to Sleep With Having Ear Infection

Nowadays ear infection becomes common because of the environment where we are breathing. The inadequacy of awareness increases the chances of spreading this issue among the people.

In today’s post we are going to remove dirt from every possible aspect of ear infection and to know some ways to mitigate the chance of Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping because of pain or some other reasons.

If you are having such an issue and if it’s prolonged then you need to worry a little bit. If it’s not with that much intensity, in this scenario little tips and precautions can take you far away from your issue.

Have you ever thought about how a small part of your body gets infected from outside?……let’s discuss

What is ear infection:

Ear infections exist in various types but there are three types which are more important. Ear infections occur because of bacteria and viruses.

Here comes one interesting thing and I am sure almost all of you are unaware of this fact. Do you ever deal with colds like runny nose, headaches, fever?

The viruses which are responsible for your cold can infect your ear also. Sometimes the symptoms are normal,then it goes away naturally.

Some bacteria like Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are greatly responsible for ear infection especially in your middle ear.

About symptoms:

In this section we are going to talk about the symptoms which occur while you are having ear infection. If we are aware of symptoms ,we can deal with them.

There are some logical symptoms you face while having ear infection. These are given below 👇

  • Ear pain
  • Irritation
  • Fusiness
  • Sometimes fever
  • Etching in your ear
  • Difficulty in sleeping

Now you know the symptoms. Now we are going to focus on sleep difficulty while having ear issues which is our main topic. Read the complete article for better coverage of knowledge. 

Why sleep difficulty:

Sleeping is our daily schedule and we need it more when we are so tired because of some work.

Just imagine for once, you had a hectic day and you need to sleep. You come back to your home and go to sleep but instantly a wave of pain from your ear distracts you. After that you don’t manage to sleep.

Sometimes you feel difficulty in sleeping because of pain and discomfort while having ear infections.

I know it’s very irritating only thinking about that particular scenario. Although there are ways to mitigate this issue. 

Ways to mitigate:

In this section, let’s discuss the ways and tips to reduce the discomfort and find a solution to reduce the chances of insomnia.

Sleeping position:

We all know the importance of sleeping position. We prefer to sleep in our comfortable position irrespective of if we are dealing with some physical issue or not.

We try to maintain our comfortable position but fail in this attempt eventually. Here what is for understanding is that change in your sleeping position can help you to get better sleep.

So leave your regular position of sleeping while you are dealing with ear problems. Now you are wondering what is the best position.

Sleep upright when you have pain because of ear infection. Take pillows and prop yourself up and elevate your body position and try to sleep.

In this position it becomes easier for your ear to drain fluid from it and reduce the intensity of pain. You can choose a sofa set or armchair. 

Do some neck exercises:

Creating movement in your neck may help you to reduce the intensity of pain. The pain which is induced by the ear infection can be mitigated if you do some neck exercises.

Would you believe that drinking and swallowing water can help you with your ear pain?

Yes it helps. Drink some water and swallow it before you go to sleep. Swallowing water creates some movements in your neck and it goes to your ear.

The movement in the area connected to your area may reduce the ear pain during the ear infection. It is the most simple way to get better sleep while having ear issues.

Pain killers:

There is one more way that can be used to make your sleep better even though you have an ear infection and this is using pain killers.

In the market, there are some painkillers available for ear infection. Consumption of these pills can reduce the intensity of pain and give you more comfort while sleeping with ear infection.

But here is one more thing you should always be careful of. Don’t take tablets with a doctor’s subscription. Children are confined to take pain killers. 

Kindly remember the above mentioned facts. If you are an adult you can take medicine but after the advice of the doctor.

Relief from allergy:

As I told you in the beginning, sometimes your normal cold can become the reason for your ear infection.

Now you are definitely thinking about how we can manage our sleep in the cold as well as having ear infection.

In this particular scenario, dealing with a cold can help you in dealing with your ear infection and eventually you will get better sleep.

Take precautions and treat your cold. For this you can go to your doctor or normal pills from the medical store can help you. 

But remember,if cold is not the reason for your ear problems then don’t use this technique. Go to the doctor and tell him your issue and get better treatment.


In this article, we have known almost all aspects of a normal but serious problem. Sleeping is so necessary for your mind and our body requires it and it doesn’t think about your ear infection. 

I hope the above mentioned tips and ideas help you to have a good and sound sleep with your ear infection. 

If these tips can’t provide you a normal sleep but I assure you by following these tips you can get a better sleep than you mostly have when you deal with ear infection. 

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